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Top 5 Evergreen Men’s Fashion Style

By T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Men’s fashion styles are as much important as they are for women. Fashion is a means to express one’s personal tastes; it is an art, much like creating a collage from many pictures. For some, it is a way to be unique and stand out amidst a crowd. In keeping up with the ever-changing fashion trends, a man’s mind is boggled with worry the same way as a woman who can’t decide whether to accessorize herself with a blue lace scarf or a pearl necklace. Amidst this hotchpotch, an intelligent breed of people exists in our ever so fashionable world, which goes the ‘evergreen’ way. Even if the trends change every day, these timeless fashion styles remain very much the styles which makes heads turn.

Casual Plaid Shirt
The Tan Trench Coat

Originating from England, centuries ago, these are popularly known as the “Mac” and are basically raincoats in their true sense, and served their purpose for soldiers who fought in adverse weather. When coupled with a suit, or with jeans and sweater, it strikes the perfect balance between classiness and informal wear.

The Casual Plaid Shirt

A simple plaid shirt was, is and will always be in fashion. The only component in these plaid shirts that change with current trends is the type of fabric in them. In some season, cotton may be the fabric of choice while in some other season; flannel may crowd-surf into fashion. Worn initially by the North American hunters and adventurers, this is still a popular choice among people doing various outdoor activities, in today’s world. It’s popular among surfers too. As the choices in colors, line thickness and patterns increase every day, this evergreen menswear has earned itself a crowned position that can survive the test of time.

The Tennis Top

Popularly, yet mistakenly, known as ‘golf’ or ‘polo’ tees in North America, they have their origin in France. These were made for tennis players, with enhanced breathability and moisture-wicking quality in mind. The tees started getting adopted by polo players after their impressive performance in the 1926 US Tennis Open. As the fabric and weaving styles evolved, the tennis tops slowly made their way to be a casual wear. A wardrobe is not considered complete if one or two tennis tops do not occupy space in it. Available in a lot of varieties, they differ by the number of buttons donning the shirt.

The Oxford Shoe

A male wardrobe is not complete without these timeless pieces as well. Wearing a sneaker to all occasions is a disaster. For those who are sneaker-freaks, having a pair of lace up oxfords helps in all sorts of occasions. They can be paired with a large range of semi-formal wear or casual wear. Known as “Balmoral” or “Richelieu” or “bal-type”, they are characterized by the leathered toe and underneath the vamp, the eyelets provided for the shoelaces are sewn. A plain, semi-tapered, oxford is an absolute evergreen for men.

The Leather Jacket

An authentic leather jacket, as durable as its leather, has passed the test of time with flying colors. In the late 1900s, the leather jacket rose to wide acceptance thanks to the Hollywood, and the pop culture surrounding it. The music scene also took to the importance of leather jackets, which added to their rebellious attitude. With different tans available these days, a proper leather jacket matched with a good pair of denims is a head-turner.

Although it is as important to have an up-to-date wardrobe, a wardrobe adorned by these timeless classics will always bring out the confidence and uniqueness in the style of the owner.

Top 5 Evergreen Men’s Fashion Style

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