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Top 20 Google Tricks

By Divulicious
Today m gonna tell u some google tricks. I know this blog is all about beauty, fashion, lifestyle . BUT these tricks are amazing & i think every one would love to try. So here we go.

1. Do a Barrel Roll

type - *Do a Barrell roll* & click on search
Top 20 Google Tricks

2. Goggle Gravity

Type- google Gravity & then click on I'm Feeling Lucky
Top 20 Google Tricks3. Google Chuck Norris
Search “Chuck Norris google ,” and Google returns a familiar Chuck Norris joke: “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.”Top 20 Google Tricks
4. God on Google Earth
Open google maps --> search *Quarten, Switzerland* --> go a little West on Murg 47 Street Look in the air and there it is.

Hint: Zoom d Selected area then open Street 47 n Look in d SKY  (360 degree) 

Top 20 Google Tricks
Top 20 Google Tricks

5. Google Mirror
This fun Google trick simply displays a mirror image of everything you might see when doing a search on Google.
search- google mirror & then click on I'm Feeling Lucky
Top 20 Google Tricks
6. Google HackerThose who are familiar with the so-called language of hackers (1337 [email protected] or “leet speak”) may love using this Google trick to amuse haxor pals or confound the squares. Sure, the trick isn’t much trickier than  swapping letters for moderately analogous numbers or ASCII characters — e.g. “G” becomes “6″, “E” becomes “3″, “N” becomes “||”, etc — But it’s still fun symbol-play, and still somehow feels like a secret language, despite that we all now w00t every time we are overcome with joy.Search- Google Hacker & then click on I'm Feeling Lucky
Top 20 Google Tricks

7. Google Rainbow
Search- Google Rainbow & then click on I'm Feeling  Lucky
Top 20 Google Tricks

8.Google SphereSearch * Google Sphere* & then click on I;m Feeling Lucky
Top 20 Google Tricks

9. Spam Google

Seacrh * Spam Google * & then click on I;m Feeling Lucky
Top 20 Google Tricks

10. Google Tilt

Seacrh * TILT * and the whole screen tilt slightly to the right.

Top 20 Google Tricks
11. Dragon SlayerThose who use Google Docs will find this mildly amusing. If you create or open any spreadsheet, pressing Shift+F12 pops up a message that says: “Dragon slain! Congratulations, you’ve slain the dragon! ]B=8}”.12. Google NinjaWho doesn’t love ninjas? Google definitely does. If you’re using your Google Reader feed, press the keys “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A” and a ninja (or a couple of them) appear! P.S. - Google shuts down Google Reader13 All the Google DoodlesOver the years, Google has released several of its “doodles”—a temporary re-design of the Google logo made as a tribute to a historical event or the birthday of someone who has changed the world for the better. Through the link below, you’ll find all of the Google Doodles, not only the American versions.14. Recursion
Type “recursion” into the Google search bar and Google in return asks, rather recursively: “Did you mean recursion?”
Top 20 Google Tricks

15. Google AnagramStep 1: Type “anagram” into the Google search bar. Step 2: Google asks if you in fact mean “nag a ram.” Step 3: Proceed to LOL.
Top 20 Google Tricks

16. The disappearing “OO”This is not really a Google fun trick per se, but you can wow your clueless friend with this little “magic.” Open http://darkartsmedia/Google.html , then pretend to rub your two fingers on the two OO’s on the Google logo for 2 to 3 seconds, and the O’s will vanish. To bring it back, do the same thing: Click anywhere again and the OO’s will reappear, after which you will be redirected to the real Google.

P.S.- While u rub fingers don't forget to click anywhere on the screen
Top 20 Google Tricks

17. Annoying GoogleThe “Annoying Google” trick is not really annoying under normal circumstances. Even if you’re in a hurry, Annoying Google’s way of messing up the words as you type them (randomly changing from upper-case to lower-case) is not really annoying. But if you want to see this in action and determine for yourself if it’s really annoying or simply mildly amusing, visit the link below.
28. Epic GoogleEpic Google is Google on steroids — not the enhanced performance however, just the obscene bulk. Once the page loads, the logo, search bar, “Search” and “I’m Feeling Excessive” buttons, all swell until they either float off the page or you type a search and get the heck outta there.
29. Weenie GoogleWeenie Google is the flip side of Epic Google. Once the page loads, the logo, search bar, “Search” and “I’m Feeling Inadequate” buttons,immediately begin to shrink to inscrutable and barely-usable sizes. Is fun, no?
20. Chicken Rolling“Rick-rolling” is a popular prank that involves redirecting the unwitting user to a video of music artist Rick Astley singing one of his hit songs (most often “Never Gonna Give You Up”). Chicken-rolling, on the other hand, is like Rick-rolling, but with one dancing man eating fried chicken legs. To subject your unwitting friend to this prank, type the code “2204355” then click “I’m feeling lucky.” See what happens.

Phew!!. What a lot of fun that list provides. :D

Don't forget to Comment :)Love,Divya

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