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"Too Many Regulations If Net Neutrality Passes"...from Those Interested in Regulating It!

Posted on the 26 February 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
"The Internet is the ultimate vehicle for free expression. The Internet is simply too important to allow Broadband Providers to be the ones making the Rules." ~~ FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler
Net Neutrality!...when all the Voices are synergized into one common cannot be stopped!! The FCC's Final Ruling is a victory for  everyone who believes in Free Speech and Freedom from Corporations telling you, what you can watch, what you can hear, and what you can read!...and all for a price!
The Republican Tactical Philosophy; Suppress the Right of Speech and Freedom of Information...while allowing their Big Money benefactors to exploit the Internet for their own agendas. Well! it didn't work!...but does anyone really believe that this whole issue is over? Not if you're a Republican!!...those batshit war drums are rolling!...the GOP House is ready to pass Legislation that would partially reverse the Rules. Yes, folks! that's the Republican way!...if you can't win, change the Rules!...and if that doesn't work, pick up your dance card from 'your' favorite Supreme Court Justice, and cash it in!  Corporate citizens must be pissssed?!!...all those Crocodile tears in Alligator shoes!...they simply can't control "the people"!!
The last 24 hours was a 1-2 knockout punch by the Progressive movement!...first, the Veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline...and now the FCC's ruling on Net Neutrality. A total victory for every freedom loving Nerd in America...and everyone who believes in the free exchange of thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world, without fear of retribution!!
And why do they hate the Net so much?...aside from their Business objectives being shot down? comes down to 'surviving' in the greatest vehicle for Freedom of Speech and Expression, in the history of the world. Where every sentence, every word, and every action, can be scrutinized by the entire world...within seconds after opening your mouth. 'That', is no good for the GOP!
We're living in a new and very open world! Too 'open' for Conservatism...whose very nature is a Status preserve, resist and limit any changes in society! According to the dictionary, a 'Liberal' is pertaining to, based on, or advocating Liberalism, "especially the Freedom of the Individual and Governmental Guarantees of Individual Rights and Liberties".
Essentially, you cannot Bullshit in the Net too long before someone discovers your phoniness...your actions, your words, your eyes, your body language...beware of YouTube! There is a reason why the GOP just can't "Sell" a Candidate in a National Election since the Internet became a political power source and base! And there is a reason why the powerful Progressives/Liberals controls the Social Media and have dominated the Net!...helping Barack Obama get elected...twice!!
Republicans can't handle the truth!...that's why they hate the Net! A phony, a liar, a cheat, a con man...someone with absolutely no policy, agenda, or long do they last? before their own character shoots them down! In the Republican's Quadrennial Great Clown eliminates all the garbage on the surface, so true shit can float up to the top and take the nomination!...I sure miss Mittens!!
FCC chair: Corporations shouldn't control access to the internet - Vox

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