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By Melmeko @melmeko

Howdy all, well this is the second installment of many, intothe insight of my Serious Skin Care program, where I unleash every product I have included in my own personal skin care routine.  This blog is focusing the Toners that I use,including when I use them, as well as the usual natter based on my experiencewith each one. :)
Esthederm Osmoclean Pore Refiner Matifying Lotion
Toning This is, at this stage, my ‘holy grail’ toner and one that Iwould absolutely recommend to any oily skinned beauties. It is a super unique dual-faceted, liquid and powder formulation, whichcombines the features of an astringent toner, for more refined pores, with thebenefits of silica extract, infused in a powder that absorbs excess oils and mattifiesthe complexion.  This toner can be usedmorning and night, but I personally like to use it in the morning, because it’sduring the day that my skin always becomes its oiliest, therefore using thistoner prior to my makeup application, helps control oil production and preventthat pesky midday shine.  I just applywith a cotton pad after straight cleansing and love how it’s ultra gentle and feels calming onmy sensitive skin, but most of all, it leaves my complexion completely shine-free, minus causing dryness or stripping anynatural oils.  Esthederm Osmoclean Pore Refiner Matifying Lotion has been my AMtoner of choice for over 18 months and over this time I have noticed a significant difference in thebehaviour of my skin along with the appearance in general.  My complexion is now becoming nicely balanced, rather thanproducing too much oil, whilst my previously enlarged pores don’t look nearly as obvious any more, on the contrary, my skin is looking clear and healthy.  It’s an absolute ‘must have’ and oily skin 'BFF',I can’t imagine my life without this toner in it.  It's a saving grace, which has contributed to aremarkable change in my oily skin, for the better. Two big thumbs up! ;)
Dermalogica AGE Smart Antioxidant Hydramist
ToningThis is another toner, which has progressed to become a permanentresident in my beauty regime, quickly evolving to a staple, after my first spritz, nearly two and a half years ago. While I mostly use this toner at night, as an essential step in my PM skincare regime, I have also adopted it as a facial mist, to use as needed, throughout the day, because it provides a nourishing burst of cooling relief from the vast humidity,especially during a typical Tropical North Queensland summer.  The botanical cocktail of anti-ageingingredients boasts ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid, to target the premature signs of ageing, while leaving my skinfeeling refreshed and completely revived. Sometimes I spritz some of the Dermalogica AGE Smart Antioxidant Hydramist onto a cotton pad and wiping onmy skin as per a normal toner; otherwise, I spray it directly onto my face andgently press it into my skin.  When inneed of an instant ‘pick-me-up’ I just apply a fine mist to my skin and allowit to dry naturally.
Well at least that that was simple and straightforward, I hear you say, LOL. :D  In comparison to some ofthe other, more varied skin care steps in my routine, there is not an abundanceto say when it comes to toning.  However, I must stress that these toners are of equal importance and are deemed worthy of their place in my regime; just as muchas some of their more complex counterparts. A number of years ago, I decided that I would forgo the toning step altogether,mostly lead by the debate over toners NOT being essential, as theironly purpose is to remove any impurities that your cleanser mighthave missed.  I plugged along without a toner for a year or so but it wasn’t until reintroducing it back into myskin care regime, that I came to the personal conclusion that the toning step actually DOESindeed perform to my advantage.
Depending on the type toner and the extent of itscapabilities, most decent toners will dissolve any greasy film coatedon the skin (a pesky aftermath often associated with creamy or oily cleansers,which can also lead to clogged pores) and ensure that no cleansing residue isrendered.  They can also help neutralisethe skin’s natural pH levels and create a better balance, by reducing the overproduction of oils without drying the skin, rather, providing an additionalboost of nourishing moisture to the skin cells, which combats dehydration. Also, tap water can contain various chemicals for filtering, which could then be imparted to the skin during cleansing, which in turn can be drying, whereas using a toner will guarantee that anything that is not meant to be there will be safely removed.  Finally,a good toner not only feels indulging and provides soothing relief to angry,red skin, it also prepares it to better receive and absorb any following skincare treatments and moisturisers, whilst enhancing their effectiveness.   
In my opinion, I find applying a toner to actually be a very pleasurable experience that always leaves my skinfeeling clean, refreshed and comfortable. As a general rule of the thumb, ifyour toner doesn’t provide you with all three of those outcomes, then you areprobably using the wrong toner.  Remember,your toner should never sting, burn or cause redness and irritation, norshould it make your skin feel tight and excessively dry or oily for that matter, therefore if you experience any of these concerns, discontinue immediately, as that toner is not for you.  The best bet would be to experiment withdifferent types of toners until you meet your perfect match.  Once you find the right toner, it will help youtoo; so you can be sure your getting the most out of your skin care routine.
Please tell, which side of the fence are you sitting on, whenit comes to toning?  Is it of importanceor is it a step you’d rather forget?  Ifyou use a toner, please fill us in on your favorite and share how it benefitsyour skin.
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