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Tom Cotton for President? Because, the World is Not Crazy Enough!

Posted on the 11 March 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Yes! Yes! Yes! Republicans want Tom Cotton to run for President. Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Democrats would 'love' Tom Cotton to run for President, oh yeas!!
The new darling of the Batshit Party!...just, because there's not enough lunacy going around! Hey! Michele's gone...someone needs to take up the intellectual mantel for the GOP? Raw Story called him "A Neocon Monstrosity out of Central Casting". The Republican Party needs new blood...a White Boy whose hair is still infuse into their Quadrennial Primaries' Clown Shows. And they do really take him seriously! which makes this character, one dangerous crazy wingnut!...he did talk and convinced 46 other US Senators into signing his letter, and making them all look like fools. A young kid who had to be corrected with a lesson on the US Constitution, US Treason Laws, including the Logan Act, and US Senate Rules of the very country they tried to undermine, and both Barack Obama and US/Iran Nuclear Negotiations!
Tom Cotton will forever have the distinction of being the direct cause of the 'most' embarrassing Act of Diplomacy in our Nation's history. The dishonor he brought America and the US Senate, throughout the world!...and all the laughter and jokes on the United States, watching how all this could have happened, and not just Cotton...but the American mentality or lack of, since 2008.
From the Republican Tea Party's "Central Casting" call, Tom Cotton blends in like a would've never known he's a rookie! An Obamacare comment? He told an uninsured voter not to use Obamacare because "Russian Mobsters" could steal her Identity. A true pure Republican...fresh horseshit!'s vital, for their continued existence. More Dumboism? Look at his stance on women and gays! a true Gynophobe and Homophobe. His record on all GOP issues? 100% pure Tea!
A new demagogue and grandstander to keep the critics busy, and away from the other crazies...he's a batshit apprentice for the Great Clown Show of 2020. If he doesn't end up in jail first, he may be a top contender in 2020! It's his natural ability for the art of gab! Remember, this character got elected by telling the good people of Arkansas; “ISIS and Mexican Drug Cartels are joining forces to attack Arkansas.” ISIS to attack Arkansas??...fresh GOP horseshit!!
The Chinese say; "May you live in interesting times"....well? it's a curse!. We 'do' live in interesting times! Look inside the mindset of those elected...and, those who elect them?...interesting how the human mind thinks!  If you don't like what's happening, vote for 'your' interests!...don't bitch! The American Voter is solely responsible for voting against their self-interest, and for the interest of those who have no interest in the American Voter!
GOP already trying to change the rules so Tom Cotton can run for president — in 2020 -

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