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Today’s 4 Things

By Brisdon @shutuprun

1. After my miserable 15 miler on Sunday I was totally burned out with snow-running. I begrudgingly hit the treadmill for intervals on Tuesday, then got out for 9.5 miles yesterday thinking the snow situation would be better. It was not. It is rare that I find nothing redeeming about a long run, but I hated it and I had PTSD from Sunday.

  • The hard, unforgiving snow.
  • The cold.
  • The tire ruts that twist my ankles.
  • The 45 million ounces of snot I rocketed out of my nose.
  • The yellow snow.
  • Wah, wah! FWP for sure.

Going to California in March for the LA Marathon is sounding better and better.



Versus This:

Today’s 4 Things

2. After said grotesque snow-run my feet hurt so I went for a pedicure.

Before (that is paint on my big toe from 1.5 months ago):


After (not great, but better):


When I get pedicures I spend a lot of time apologizing for the state of my feet, like it is crime to have missing toenails, callouses, bunions and freaky longish finger toes. Arrest me!

My favorite things about this pedicure? I wore skinny jeans which meant the nail lady could not massage my legs because I could not pull the pants up over my calves. She therefore asked me to change into a skirt they had in the backroom (thrift –store style). Nice. I looked hot.

The other great thing was right as nail lady was admiring where I had recently lost my big toenail, she started to file my second toe and the nail came off. Right in her hand. Nice. I’m pretty sure she made a necklace out of it.

3. I should not be surprised that I get emails advertising products such as this (given the nature of my blog). This is actually rather interesting - if you want to get me a birthday present (only 44 days). Do you believe we are all carrying around 5-20 pounds of fecal matter? I’m highly disturbed. This product must work because the model looks so damn happy. As if she is shitting out 5-20 pounds of something.


Or, there is always the t-shirt option:


4. One of my new favorite things is watching Emma and Heidi out on the golf course in the late afternoons. It just warms my heart. My two favorite girls.



What’s worse – running outside in unpleasant conditions or the treadmill? I will do anything to avoid the treadmill, but I draw the line when it’s icy (or dark outside, I don’t run in the dark alone).

What’s your next race? How did you choose it (location, weather, course, cost?) LA is my next race. I chose it because I got a free entry and I’ve never been there before. The weather doesn’t hurt either.


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