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Today I Want: Essie

By Thecurlycasualista @curlycasualista

Today I Want: Essie

Essie Polishes (l-r): Guilty Pleasures, Mint Candy Apple, Tart Deco, Navigate Her, Orange, It's Obvious, Turquoise and Caicos, Knockout Pout

It's safe to say I love nail polish.  I recently found my childhood collection and it numbered somewhere around 50.  I stopped using this collection in high school, and I've since collected somewhere around another 20 (mostly in the pink family) which are stashed oh-so-messily in a dresser drawer.  But I think I'm over wearing only pink nail polish, and am so pleased that quirky, fun colors are back in style.
While previously O.P.I. was my go-to nail polish brand, I've since discovered Essie and decided that it is way more awesome.  Not only does it come in amazing, trendy colors like these above, but I believe it lasts longer than most nail polishes I've tried and it goes on my nails with better coverage (and therefore less streaking!).  I plan on hitting up the store and stocking up, because I change my nail polish color every 3 minutes and need something new in my arsenal.
How do you guys feel about nail polish? Are you a manicure addict or do you go natural?  Do you like Essie?

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