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Today I Took a Test

By Brisdon @shutuprun

What a day! Sometimes I think the most random things happen to me throughout the day.  I bet if you really thought hard, you would have some too. Here are mine, just from today:

  • I took a a pregnancy test at the doctor (No joke. I was having a symptom that the doctor thought warranted the test. It was negative, of course, which is probably good because I’m not sure I want to be going through menopause the same day my child starts kindergarten).
  • I showed the top of my underwear to the dental hygienist to prove to her it matched my  purse (I didn’t match it on purpose believe it or not).
  • I had a run with a friend that included talk of air flow that only a woman has (rhymes with reef).
  • The guy at the liquor store wasn’t able to get my credit card to swipe, so he licked his finger then rubbed it across the strip on the back (Dude. Seriously. I do not want your spit on my card. Sick). This falls into the category of “people do the weirdest things that freak you out”
  • A total of ten packages arrived at my doorstep. Merry Christmas to me. Too bad none of them were for me. Not one.
  • And, the best news of all – I had no back pain at all today during and after my run. In fact, my back pain has been gone most of the week since I’ve been paying attention to my alignment when I run. As you know, I’ve been doing Chi Running for a few months now, and it has made quite a difference. That was the first place I looked when I wanted tips for how to minimize the back pain. The advice was to make sure I was properly aligned and to not bend at the waist. More info HERE. I think this small adjustment has made a huge difference.

Tell me one odd/funny/awesome thing that happened to you today. I might just send a small care package to the one of you with the best comment.


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