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Today I Said NO Five Times!

By Jenrene

Yesterday I said no five times and it felt really good. I decided to say no about a few things  that  I had suffered from  the day before.  I have had this summer a leg problem, and was praying  intensely about how to make the right decision about  my day and how to arrange it so I got the most work done, with the least sacrifice, and the MOST gain!  I actually was able to reschedule several of  my clients I see on other days and be just as effective at my work, by  arranging other days I could see them during the week, but still manage my health and elf care. One of the   things about having a leg  problem, is that you never know how you will wake up the next day after a full day of movement.

I decided to  save myself from  lots of pain  by resting my leg for a day and getting some of my paperwork completed. I created a new path, and it felt awesome.  In the end it was a great choice, and I believe it really helped me to things about  a few things:

Today I Said NO Five Times!

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A. I decided that there is always a “good” solution to  making sure you   use your time effectively. That if we really seek for   a way to  address  a problem and feel like we are running out of time, it’s just an illusion. many of us get caught up in the illusion of not having time. I believe  if you  often proclaim you don’t have time, you won’t have time.  We have all the time we really need.  have you ever noticed you were in a constant state of MORE, not realizing that where you are and what you have  may just be ‘enough‘? We have have to consistently; however, make time for the things that are truly important in life. And sometimes that requires  self-evaluation and taking inventory of our lives.

B. I decided that a really “awesome” decision will  be made when you STOP, THINK  and LISTEN to yourself  to  deliberately  think through your thoughts and determine where you have the most resolve.  If you don’t trust your thinking; however, you can become “motionless” and disillusioned when you  attempt to make decisions, because you are making them more for others, than yourself.

C. I learned that saying “no” is needed and necessary in your life, sometimes and it’s really okay to take care of yourself.  I am beginning to see “No” in different light. I  was saying no long before my husband was saying no, yet when he began to say “no” to me, I was offended and would have an attitude!  Yet I knew it was important  for him to take care of himself,  and I was feeling a bit  ashamed, when I began to think about how I was keeping a double standard. Truly, it was not okay for me to  say no, and not him!

D. I decided that taking care of my overall  mental, spiritual emotional and physical health is more  important than anything else. And if my life does not allow for it, then I need to really  consider the  details of my life that get in the way of those, and take inventory about whether   I need them or I  make more room for them, than necessary. Lately, I have cut a lot of  TV out of my life.  thought at first it would be very, very challenging and it as .. for about a week. Then I realized there are so man more things in life that are important, than a television show. I mean, really ? Quality time with my husband,  working on my projects, my spiritual and devotional life that brings me life and  spirit daily and infuses and allows me to have amazing strength. I began to become  guilty that  even considered watching  so much television in my life before.

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