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Today I’m Going to Hit the Ground Running

By Crossstitchyourheart @TMNienaber

My cousin’s wedding was last Friday and I’m so happy for her and her now husband, they looked very happy and in love which is something they both deserve.  Now, this side of my family is very Italian-Catholic, which means we like to make bigger deals out of things than necessary so the entire weekend was filled with more family activities than hours in a day.  I love my family, I do, I just take after my German roots a little more than my Italian so spending time with my family can get to be exhausting.

Now that the festivities are over I’m looking forward to getting back to a schedule.  I’ve got about a week before I have to start getting some things for student-teaching done.  Starting in July I have to hit my lesson plans a lot harder than I have been, work on our student-teaching binder, read books faster, and get my grad school stuff together (and take the English GRE).  Not to mention figure out the job issue.  July’s going to be busy, but in a good way.  Everything I have to work on I’m looking forward to, just have to find the time.  My hopes for this week are to get at least two books read and reviewed, finish up two mini-lesson plans, finish my big cross stitch project, spend some quality time at the library, and go see the movie “Bernie” because it looks fantastic.

Now, on to my in-progress pictures.

Today I’m Going to Hit the Ground Running

close up of progress

Here’s a close up of what’s done.  The light purples are misleading with only the tan background behind them because they start to darken up as the rest of the space is filled with stitches, but in this picture it looks almost like a dawn setting rather than evening.

Today I’m Going to Hit the Ground Running

Here’s the view of everything that’s left to do

Here’s the big view so you can see the whole picture.  One thing I don’t like about scroll frames is that they make it a lot harder to see the whole project because you’re limited to how tall the frame is, so you’ll just be left in suspense as to what it all looks like together until I’ve finished and the project comes out of the frame.  It’s coming along really well, these pictures are my progress from about two weeks ago so I really am much closer to finishing.  If you’re thinking about working this kit for yourself I’ve really enjoyed it and it finished beautifully!

Good luck with all your plans for this week, I hope you’re able to accomplish as much as I hope to.  Do something crafty, read a good book, the usual.

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