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By Rubytuesday
Today I am grateful for my health That despite the hell I have put my body through over the yearsIt has survived this far Relatively unscathed 
Today I am grateful for my family Even though we have been at logger heads over the years We still managed to get through itAnd come out stronger than ever
Today I am grateful for my beautiful pupsHoney and Lea Who have been at my side for the past eleven years Always there So loving So full of joy They have saved my sanity countless times 
Today I am grateful for my jobIt means so much to me That someone would take a chance on me and hire meIt feels amazing to be earning my own money It's doing wonders for my confidence and  self esteem 
Today I am grateful to you My blogger family Who have been there for me through out the last four years You have been there when I couldn't face real life And you became close friends and confidants 
Today I am grateful for my horse therapy I can recommend it enough I'm also so grateful for the friends I have made through riding It just goes to show If I am willing to push myself out of my comfort zone And try new things The pay off is huge 
Today I am grateful for my mental and physical health I leave work every day feeling so blessed that I have all my facilities in tact No everyone is so lucky 
Today I am grateful to clean and sober And ED free Or at least as free as I can be Removing drink and drugs from my life was the first step Then I had to learn how to live clean and sober Find new and healthy ways of coping 
Today I feel incredibly gratefulThat I live in a country Where I am free to do and say as I please I live in a first world countryWhere clean water And first class medical care is the norm 
Really and trulyI have so much to be grateful for I have everything I could possibly need or want And even though I've fought some tough battles over the years I wouldn't change one little thing 
What are you grateful for today?

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