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To Wash Or Not to Wash....?

By Carrie Berschman @CarrieBerschman
Alright ladies, I have a confession. I don't wash my hair every day....and sometimes I don't even wash it every other day. If I can make THIRD day hair work, I am absolutely going to do it! How do I do it you ask? My current life saver has been dry shampoo. It might be one of the best things created, beauty wise! ;) In the last year, I have gone through many, many bottles and have tried oodles of brand. Having oily skin and hair is really something that takes time, effort, and $$$ to learn how to manage. But once you find the right products, you really learn how worth it it is, even if a few of the products are a little on the pricer side. With all of that said, finally I think I have found the perfect dry shampoo for me! *cue dorky happy dance*

Now presenting....

Batiste Dry ShampooTo Wash or Not to Wash....?

This stuff is AMAZING!! I have never tried a dry shampoo that actually makes my hair feel like I washed it that day. Other brands I have tried have a great scent, and absorb a little bit of the oil, but by the end of the day, my hair feels gross, and they don't do nearly as good of a job as Batiste. I will disclaim that this particular 'Original' scent gives off a white cast that many people may not like. With blonde hair, it isn't hard to rub and shake in to the roots. But, I do know that they make a dry shampoo for brunets that has a touch of color in it. They have 4 or 5 other scents as well. Another thing I will add is that the full size bottles of Batiste are $7.99, which in the realm of hair products is pretty cheap, but other dry shampoos from the drug store are typically $3-4. But I promise, if you try this out, you will be able to justify paying a few extra dollars. You can purchase this at Ulta. If you have tried Batiste, what scents do you like? I'm looking to try another!XO, Carrie

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