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To Tattoo Or Not?

By Tempestra @tempestra1

Just lately, I’ve been noticing a lot more girls sporting tattoos.  Body art seem to be enjoying something of a revival, and high profile, gorgeous stars like Angelina Jolie and Cheryl Cole (and even Samantha Cameron!) have got them and this is no doubt helping to fuel the trend.

To tattoo or not?
As a rather wild and rebellious teenager, I did get a tattoo myself about 10 years ago – a discreet butterfly, near my hip.  Do I regret it?  Yes and no.  No, because it’s an expression of a very colourful period in my life and holds some great memories.  I am also glad that I somehow had the sense to put is somewhere discreet.  However, it was – I admit – an error in judgment.  Given my time again, I wouldn’t have done it.  I actually hate tattoos now, as a rule!

Now, I understand that they are for many people an expression of who they are, or a big part of their image.  Heck, Angelina is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world so her tats haven’t done her too much harm.  But I do cringe when I see women sporting ugly great devils on their upper arms, hearts on their cleavage or hideous “tramp stamps” (on the lower back – particularly classy with a G-string over the top!).

And perhaps worst of all is getting someone’s name imprinted on you.  I just don’t get this!  Is it supposed to be a public declaration of affection, or do some people just have trouble remembering their loved ones’ names?  It’s plain weird and looks ridiculous when the relationship breaks up (remember Jordan and Peter? Ha!).

All in all, I’d say there are few people in this world who can really work a tattoo – and there are few designs which don’t look stupid, tacky or ugly.  Rarely do they exude sex appeal, in my humble opinion.  If there are any young girls out there reading this and considering one, just think for a second how it will look when you’re wearing an elegant evening gown….or when you are old and wrinkled.  Yes, you can remove them quite effectively nowadays – but is it really worth going through that pain and expense twice over for what is probably a short space of time in your life?


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