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To Race Or Not To Race?

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Even though it was on my calendar, I wasn’t going to do it. Even though I’ve done it the past two years, I wasn’t going to do it. I wasn’t going to race this weekend.

Just over a month ago, I had to pull back my training significantly to let my hamstring heal. The past two weeks I’ve been able to ramp up my running and cycling. I haven't been in the pool much, maybe three times in the past month. Doesn’t really sound like a triathlete does it?

Who cares? It’s just swimming. I can do that on my back. I can do it holding my nose. I can do it with floaties on – like this guy at the pool in Vegas last year (although he wasn’t racing, unless you call getting drunk and picking up women racing. He does appear to be breathing hard. I guess that is racing Vegas style):


I also haven’t done any brick workouts. Well, I’ve done them in my lifetime, but not anytime recently. I’ve done a few longer runs and rides. I know I can hop off the bike and run even if I fall on my face and cry. I am not too proud to do that.

Anyway, the Longmont Triathlon is this weekend. It’s a sprint distance. I surprised myself by coming in third in my age group last year.


I wasn’t going to do this race because I was trying to be smart. I also am still holding out to do a half marathon the following weekend. I didn't want to over do it.

But, I tell myself, it’s just a sprint. That means only a 5K run.

I know better than to say I would treat it as a training exercise. I won’t. If I get out there, I race. It’s just what I do. So, I either want to race it or not do it. How’s that for being narrow minded? I think it would be good prep for my Olympic distance tri in four weeks.

My body feels good. I am getting stronger. My PT says my left side is noticeably more stable. She usually rolls her eyes at me and sighs when I try to squat on one leg because my knee buckles in. Yesterday, she did not do that. Yesterday she said I had made a ton of progress.

I love races. I love the race energy. I want to be out there, supporting this local event.


Yet, I don’t want to push too much. I want to still be in that Smart As Shit Athlete (SASA) category.

What would you do? Any advice?

Do you ever enter races last minute?


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