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To Pay The Bill Or…?

By V3rv0se

Who pays for a date?

This week at Harper Morgan we’re talking about splitting the bill or ‘going Dutch’.

This article [1], by Carl Anka, describes how a date can go from great to terrible in less than a minute if there is a miscommunication when the bill arrives. In the example the article gives, a couple are having a lovely time until the man says he cannot pay the bill and instructs the woman to pay the full thing, commenting that she had miscounted and needed to add another 10 pounds.

Carl goes on to talk about the tradition of splitting the bill and how there are some men who claim that they don’t pay the bill because they are in favour of gender equality. Carl states that because we live in a society which still leaves women at a disadvantage, men should do the honourable thing and pick up the check.

Carl also talks about the rules of going out and the importance of the language we use when inviting someone on a date. He says that if each individual is upfront about their expectation of who is required to pay, there is no problem. However, when one person assumes the other will pay, problems are very likely to arise.

So, here are some questions for you to answer;

Who should pay the bill? Should it be a question of gender or something else? Should the person who suggests the restaurant pay? Should the highest earner offer to cover the bill?

Is it fair for women to simply expect a man to pay? Is this an example of encouraging gender inequality? Or, should men do as Carl suggests and pay the bill specifically because gender equality is still being fought for?

We’re very much looking forward to hearing what you think. Comment, share and join the conversation.

[1] B2+ Read here

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