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Exercise Smugness

By V3rv0se

This week at Harper Morgan English we’re talking about the real reason to keep fit.

This [1] very funny article by Jonny Auping in The New Yorker, satirises a common reaction to reaching health goals – telling everyone about it. He talks about achieving ten-thousands steps one day and the feeling of ‘euphoria’ he experienced as a result. Jonny aims to detail the exact feeling of greatness to hilarious effect.

It’s common practice to show off about our fitness achievements; think of all the gym selfies on Instagram or healthy recipes on Facebook. All this beckons the question; if you exercise and eat healthy but no one knows about it, is there any point in doing it at all?

Here are some other questions for you to think about:

Do you make sure everyone knows how often you go to the gym? Do you brag about the salad you had for lunch or the courgette pasta you made for dinner? Is it important for you to share your fitness goals and achievements with your friends?

Why do some people feel it necessary to notify everyone about their health? Is it to show off, to feel superior? Or is it looking for encouragement?

If you do follow a fitness routine, do you do it only for yourself? Is there a part of you that is motivated by receiving praise from others for reaching your goals?

We love hearing what you have to say and we’re always willing to cheer you on for how many times you’ve been to the gym. Comment, share and enjoy your weekend!

[1] Read here

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