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The Perfect Gift

By V3rv0se

This week at Harper Morgan English, we are talking about the perfect ‘gift’.

In this moving, 3-minute, TED video, Stacey Kramer reveals what she believes to be the perfect gift. She explains the many positive consequences of receiving such a present, for example, reconnection with old friends, adoration by family members, and even eight weeks of holiday. This does, however, come at a price. $55,000 to be precise. But she assures us that this really is a great deal for all the positive outcomes you will get.

The gift in question: a brain tumour.

Stacey’s inspirational approach suggests that although we may experience many difficulties in life, whether they be illness, death of a loved one, divorce or redundancy, we should endeavour to focus on the good things that often come out of these trying situations. Instead of concentrating on the struggles and hardships, we should see these things as a ‘gift’. A way to really appreciate what we have, to evaluate what is important in life and to bring us closer to the significant people in our lives.

This may, however, be easier said than done – this clarity that Stacey explains so beautifully, might only be achieved with the benefit of hindsight. Few people faced with the ups and downs pf an invasive treatment would be able to see beyond the daily struggles and feel grateful for the ‘gift’ of cancer. Only when they are healthy and on the other side it might they truly value what the illness has brought to their lives.

Have you ever experienced something which seemed unbearable at the time, only to realize that it has had a real positive effect on your life? What was it? Were you able to appreciate the good things whilst experiencing the tough situation, or was it only afterwards that you were truly grateful?

Finally, should we wait for these ‘gifts’ to come into our lives, or should we seize the moment to value what we have and add lack of ‘gifts’ to our list of things to be thankful for?

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