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The Mess With Multitasking

By V3rv0se

This week we’re trying monotasking.

This great TED talk by Paolo Cardini [1] discusses the problem with multitasking. Paolo suggests that multitasking has become a trap which leads us to miss the important things – the sound of your friends voice, for example. He also illustrates the consequences of multitasking specifically with our technology. So, Paolo suggests we monotask instead – focus on one activity at a time.

Paolo describes his project which is to ‘downgrade’ our mobile phones back into their basic functions. He explains that when exploring an unfamiliar city, there is nothing better than getting lost – something which is impossible to do with a smart phone.

Here are some things for you to consider;

Are you a multitasker? Are you a good multitasker? Have you ever been in a situation similar to Paolo’s? Have you ever had to spend extra time fixing something that has gone wrong as a result of multitasking?

Why do we multitask? Is it because we are at the mercy of technology which demands our attention? Or is it because modern life requires us to be? Is it possible to be successful in work and life without multitasking?

What is too important to multitask? Should we attempt monotasking at work, school or in our personal lives?

As always we’re eager to hear what you have to say so comment, share and join the conversation.

[1] B1+

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