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Tips to Avoid Obesity in Your Teen

Posted on the 02 April 2014 by Health_news

Tips to avoid obesity in your teen

Teenage obesity has become a major problem in developing countries. It causes many health problems. There are various reasons that cause obesity, but unhealthy lifestyle is one of the major reasons for obesity. Teenagers quickly get adapted to unhealthy habits, junk foods and drinks. Drinking is harmful to health and causes obesity. Teenagers with obesity may suffer from psychological problems also.If you are worried with obesity in your teenager, then its time to make him aware about the issue and help him stay  away  from it.

These tips will help you to prevent obesity in your teen

  • Good eating habits-If your teen has a habit of eating lots of junk food, then make sure you should not buy it. Stock low fat milk, fresh fruits and vegetables instead of snacks which are high in fat and sugary drinks at home. Encourage your teen to have nuts, fruits. Set a good example in front of your teen, by eating healthy food such as fresh vegetables and fruits yourself. Make sure your teen should have a healthy diet and should avoid junk food, sweet items and high calorie foods to prevent obesity. Make him/her understand the importance of drinking plenty of water, instead of soft drinks. Explain them long term side effects of fast food and teach them good eating habits.
  • Regular exercise-Encourage your teen to do regular exercise, which keep them fit and healthy. Having a healthy diet only will not be sufficient. It is equally important to burn the calories through physical activity. You can encourage your teen to participate in activities like, swimming, dance, sports, etc.
  • Limit the TV and other related activity-It is observed that most of the teenagers spend their time watching TV. Most of the Commercials on TV are about foods such as soft drinks, fast food, which encourage teenagers to eat more. Like TV, teenagers are also addicted to computer games. Because of TV and computer games, teens stay away from physical activity. Make sure they should not spend more than 2 hours daily in watching TV and computer.  Encourage them to do some creative things or participate in the school sports and other activities. Teenagers are also busy with their friends on social networking and mobile phones. Make them to have physical activity with their friends. Discuss about new things, which inspire them to get involved in new projects and activities.
  • Meditation-Explain them the  importance of meditation, so that they can relax and de-stress themselves through self control and meditation. It makes their life healthy.
  • Hormonal changes-Sometimes hormonal changes can cause obesity. So timely do the medical checkup of your teen.
  • Be active with teenagers-Play different sports with them, so that they can get an interest in it. Go on a walk with them or share activities such as skating, swimming, and cycling. Explain them health problems occur due to bad eating and the benefits they will get, if they make changes in eating habits. Explain them they can get better things if they lose weight like more confidence and more energy. Assured them, they can lose weight and have a healthy life like other teens.

Set a good personal example in front of them by daily exercise and eating healthy food. Do not watch TV all the day. Encourage your teen to do physical activities regularly and make changes to their unhealthy lifestyle and this will surely help your child to stay away from obesity.

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