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Tips on Keeping Your Dog Safe and Healthy Part 2 | Summer Heat

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros

Tips on Keeping your dog safe and healthy

Part 2

Summer Heat

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By: Farna Vahdad

Summer is the time to relax and enjoy the heat. With summer, dog owners are excited to take their Fido along during their summer jaunts. But summer heat is quite exhausting for most dogs, especially breeds with shorter nose, seniors and puppies. Dogs cool down from panting and do not sweat except a small amount from their paws, consequently they have higher risk of heat stroke.

A) Take the dog for grooming

Summer is a good time for your dog’s make over. Shorter fur helps with flow of air. It is also easier for brushing. Keep the fur at least one inch long to protect the skin from sun burn. Vets do not recommend shaving down to the skin.

B) Always have fresh water on hand

Carry a bottle of water at all time and keep refreshing the dog’s water bowl at home. I use filtered water and certainly recommend it to all pet owners. Keep the dog hydrated especially in outdoor’s heat.

C) Do NOT leave your dog in the car

Parked cars in summer heat are death traps for dogs. On a mid 70 degree temperature, a closed car’s temperature can soar and reach up to 100 to 120 degrees in just a minute and increases with time. Every year many dogs die from this sad incident.

D) Watch and care for the paws

With summer heat, walkways and sidewalks get excruciatingly hot. Dog’s paw is very sensitive to hot and cold surfaces. sandy beaches get too hot for dogs to run around and play. Always touch the ground and feel the heat with your palm. If too hot, avoid walking or apply paw pads in emergency cases. To heal the paw from sun blister, apply aloe and calendula creams.

E) Direct sun protection

Avoid walking and staying in direct sun. Walk on a shade and cooler side of the street. It might sound strange, but have you considered sunglasses for you dog? I do. Lighter hair dogs are more susceptible to sun burn. Choose a veterinarian approved canine sun blocks and apply around ears and exposed skin.

F) Mosquitoes and pests

With arrival of summer, be aware of mosquitoes, fleas and harmful insects to your dog. Most insects are attracted to moist and odor. Read these useful tips on how to repel mosquitoes. in Best natural tips to repel mosquitoes article.

dog and summer

G) Play it safe at the Beaches

Summer and beach go hand in hand. In hot temperature, sandy beaches get scorching hot and hurts and burn their paws. Keep the dog in the shade and cooler area to avoid heat stroke. Dogs don’t know when to stop even when exhausted. The dog owner’s responsibility is to protect them and be aware of their condition. Be cautious and play with your dog only if the beach’s heat condition is suitable and tolerable. Watch their every move while playing and monitor their panting.

Dogs are very playful and need constant supervision. If your dog loves to swim, follow the beach’s warning flags and safety. Find a suitable and safe life jacket for swimmer dogs to support them against any strong rip current.

Assign towel and a place of rest for your dog if planning a beach day and bring plenty of water. Keep a watchful eye on warning signs for beach fleas and jellyfishes. I suggest to always having an emergency kit on hand for unfortunate incidents.

H) Coolest time of the day to walk

The best time to do the daily walk in the summers is early morning or late evening. The heat is less with cooler breeze. The downside is volume of mosquitoes in the early morning and the evening. Avoid routs near garbage, untrimmed gardens and areas with standing water. These areas are the ground breeds for mosquitoes.

I) Watch for car’s coolant

During summer, cars leak liquid coolant on the road. The liquid coolant has sweet taste and dogs are attracted to its solution. Coolant is extremely dangerous and poisonous for dogs. Keep your dog on leash and do not allow the dog to drink or taste from water puddles.

J) Avoid crowded events

It might seem like a good idea to bring your little friend along to summer events, fairs and local festivals. But while you enjoy the sound of music and the crowed, the noise, heat and the traffic is adding stress and anxiety to dogs. It is a better idea to leave them at the comfort of their home with enough food and refreshed water in a perfect temperature.

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