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Tips on Keeping Dogs Safe and Healthy in Cold Winters

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros

Tips on keeping dogs safe and healthy

Part 3

Cold Winter

my dog in winter cloth

Most dogs breeds prefer mild and moderate weather climate. Who doesn’t? But The point is to care for the furry friend’s health and keep them safe away from wet and chilly winter weather. Folks living in regions with freezing winters, have a yearly routine to prepare for season’s change; updating the winter wardrobe, winterizing the vehicle and getting the house inspected and ready for the cold weather. Don’t forget getting your pet ready for winter.

- Winer wardrobe

Smaller dog’s breeds with shorter hair, should wear sweaters or jackets, covering and protecting them from frosty weather. In freezing climates, dogs need warm covers to keep them safe from hypothermia. It is not incongruous to protect the dogs with warm cloth.  Winter booties and shoes comes in many color and styles for canine. It is not for fashion but the extra protection for their paws and keep them safe and warm from frostbites.

- Do NOT leave dogs in car

In wintry climates, parked cars without the heater turn into a refrigerator. Never leave dogs in car even for a short period.

- Keep away from antifreeze liquid

Coolants and antifreeze liquids are extremely hazardous and poisonous for dogs. Be extra cautious walking the dog around the parked cars and keep an open eye for liquids leaking and running off under the cars. Although dogs love the sweet taste of antifreeze, it is extremely poisonous and fatal for their health.

Rock salts used to melt the ice irritate and hurt the dog’s paws. Clean the salt off the paw and apply canine’s vet recommended moisturizer cream.

- Shorten the outdoor walk

Keep the dogs inside during freezing winter seasons and shorten the length of walking outdoors. Do not rely on the thermometer’s temperature since the windchill makes the weather much colder than the actual temperature reading. Put a warm jacket and protective winter boots on the dogs and keep them on the leash especially If living near a pond or lake.

- Groom the dog regularly

A well groomed coat keeps the temperature regulated and insulated. Brush and clean the dog after every outdoor walk and dry up with blow dryer and towel then cover with a warm blanket.

Drying my dog with towel

- Offer a warm blanket

The floor and uncarpeted surfaces of the house gets very chilled during the winter season. Make a safe and warm environment for the canine with a soft blanket and pad on the floor. Keep them away from direct heat sources and the fireplace.

- Choose toys with care

In winters, dogs spend more time indoors playing with their toys to stay active. Choose safe toys and consider the make and ingredients. Dogs play with toys by chewing and biting, so examine the toy’s material to be safe with no chemical ingredients. Always ask question from the expert at the pet store and let them know of your concern.

Before the winter season, take the dog to veterinarian for a check up to make sure the dog does not have any medical problem causing vulnerability for cold weather. The dog’s owner responsibility is to observe any change in the dog’s health and to schedule a frequent check up with the vet. To care for the health of the dog in summer please refer to my earlier article “Summer Heat“.

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