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Tips on How to Use Blair Waldorf Headbands

By Clarissa17 @ClarissaSeaton

Blair Waldorf is a popular character on TV hit series “Gossip Girl” that’s played by the ravishing and stylish Leighton Meester. In the show, she was a rich, spoiled brat; but one good thing about her is that she is a bona fide fashionista. She is a veritable trendsetter. Just about every other young girl loves to imitate her look from top to bottom. She likewise sets a trend in everything, especially when it comes to bow headband. Your girls just love to see her wear the most stylish headbands that they can imagine.

Blair Waldorf's headbands

Here are few tips to follow by those who love to see themselves sporting headbands similar to that of Blair Waldorf:

1. Try wearing a Blair Waldorf styled headband that has the bow on a side. Get one that will match your event or attire. For instance, Blair goes out with preppy headbands if she is bound for school. During night time, she goes out with friends using a band of orange or red.

2. Blair Waldorf headbands are known for their expensive appearance. Hence, you must opt for a tasteful headband, or one that exudes an expensive look. No one will expect you to be wearing cheap looking headbands if you are a fan of Blair’s.

3. The proper way of donning Blair Waldorf headband is by wearing it on the head by slightly pushing it back, much further past your ears. Touch your head’s upper right and pull on your hair gently to allow some of it to slide out from your bow headband.

4. Finally, put some gel or hair cream into this portion or hair to secure it in place. You now achieve the kind of hairstyle and hair accessory that Blair Waldorf has on Gossip Girl, one with a few strands of hair getting out from her headband.

Finally, you may complete the Blair Waldorf bow headband look by putting on some small and cute curls around your head. This will certainly make you look very pretty and fabulous at the same time. You will be the envy of your friends by wearing a uniquely beautiful headband and hair style as popularized by one of the most admired characters in TV land.

Image Source: Getaheadband.onsugar

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