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Tips for Joining Workplace post-Maternity Break

By Themommytale

Giving birth is one of the beautiful God gifts to a Woman. As a Woman enters motherhood she requires some time to settle herself and her baby. She needs physical strength, emotional power and lots of care during this phase of her life. When a carrier oriented woman enters this phase, the challenges from professional front awaits for her along with physical and emotional challenges. If you are a mom and planning to join workplace post maternity break here are some tips for you.

Tips for Joining Workplace post-Maternity Break

Joining Workplace post-Maternity Break requires a lot of mindful planning. I am sharing some tips for you with my experience and this will help you Joining Workplace post-Maternity Break.

1. Stay Emotionally Strong and reduce Mommy's guilt. :

As a mom plans Joining Workplace post-Maternity Break she fight an emotional battle with herself, she faces a separation anxiety. Yes, you will leave your newborn baby home exactly when your baby needs you the most. I can totally understand that removing this thought and overcoming the mom's guilt is not possible. I would suggest thinking differently if you are stepping out it is for the betterment of your child.

Tips for Joining Workplace post-Maternity Break

Try for some time inform your Reporting head well in advance that if the situation will not work you may extend the break or request for Work from home for some time.

2. Be prepared for Facing Family and society:

Everyone will be ready to question you Or may talk negatively about Mom and child bonding. Don't worry, For your baby, you are the boss. When you need help or to overcome the challenges in life none of these will come and lend a hand. Here you need to make trust bond with your partner or husband. You need to plan and organize baby care and baby needs well in your absence. Seek help from your parents, siblings, and Husband. Try and make sure you involve your partner or Husband in all baby needs from day one. After all, we are in the era of #Equalparenting.

3. Safety is always first for your baby:

In your absence, you need to plan a safe environment for your baby. If you plan to leave your baby with maid or ayyah Always ensure camera's with live streaming on your phone is installed. Ensure police verification and all necessary documentation is done before hiring a maid. With a joint family system care is ensured for a baby But with Nuclear setup issue seems very big. Make sure you baby-proof your house before you leave.

Tips for Joining Workplace post-Maternity Break

I would suggest taking help from your parents and in-laws to babysit and support your decision. Make sure you take help from your partner or husband to convince parents. Convincing Parents and in-laws may take some time but, I am sure if you share your thoughts with positively they will get convinced.

4. Breastfeeding and baby care:

Breastfeeding is highly recommended by WHO for a baby till 6 months. Breastfeeding is good for baby's health as well as mom's health and emotional well being. Now, If you are out how will you breastfeed. So I would suggest trying to stay in the vicinity of your office premises. Take prior permission and necessary approvals from your office to take 2 breaks and visit your baby for breastfeeding. There might be circumstances when your baby needs breastfeeding other than these two breaks or because of meeting etc, you are unable to reach back on time. For such cases, I would suggest buy an electric breast pump and store breast milk in fridge

Inside refrigerator for almost 5 to 6 days if you keep the temperature at 4 degrees. Store it at the back of the fridge, where it's coldest, away from meat, eggs, or uncooked foods.

5. Real Challenges at Work Place:

Tips for Joining Workplace post-Maternity Break

If you are a work from home, Work from office or stay at home mom post you will face challenges associated with your workplace or home. It all depends on you how you deal it with calmness.

6. Get prior approval for Flexi hours:

As soon as you enter a Parenting phase you need more time to adjust to it. Try working in flexible hours. Many organizations nowadays are supportive to give you ease and peace. One must discuss all Maternity benefits and policies with the Human resource department in order to understand the flexible hours, benefits etc.

These were some tips from this mommy to all reader mommies. But, I would always advice follow your heart it is equally important for a mom to join back her job as she has a responsibility towards her office. As well as this phase of mommyhood may not come back again that's another associated truth with it.

Tips for Joining Workplace post-Maternity Break

All the best. This mommy is always with you in your decision. If you feel like sharing or has a query please feel free to post your comment below.If you like this post, do share it with your friends or fellow mommies.

Go for it, just have some patience and you will rule the world.

Good Day!

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