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Reboot Your Child’s Learning Experience, Go Online.

By Themommytale

Given the current scenario of the pandemic, none of us are untouched. Various groups from all walks of life are suffering in some or the other way. While the elders are at more health risk, office goers are facing work from home issues to job and salary cuts, a student is stuck at home with no schools and a comma on their learning. With schools starting online classes students are still trying to understand the digitized world and adjust to the new way of learning.

Teachers are taking all the possible actions to help students adjust to the new routine however, we as parents are still worried about the studies. Now with new rules of government schools can't run online classes for kids from 1st grade to 5th grade. So, in such a situation what do we do? How do we ensure the kids' learning is intact?

With my elder child being in grade 5 I am quite worried about her education. These years of her school are foundation years of knowledge and learning. I am always worried about her learning and growth and my major focus area for her is Mathematical concepts.

Reasons for good mathematical knowledge.

Mathematics is really important and the answer lies in our daily life itself. From morning cooking to eating, cleaning to the calculation of monthly budget, etc everywhere in Maths. Isn't it?
Here are my thoughts on the importance of conceptual clarity in education for kids.

1. Logical thinking:

When a child grows up and he has many complex problems to solve in life, he will need logical thinking to reach a solution. Many researchers have shown that if a child has good Maths concept clarity his mind is groomed to be a logically smart mind.

2. Life Skills:

As I already said that Maths is involved in our routine life everywhere. From money calculations, time and conversion of hours to minutes, etc that kids start learning in Primary classes, and by the time they reach secondary they understand the concept of percentage, probability, calculations, etc.

3. Brain Exercise:

When we give a child math sums he starts thinking and putting stress on the brain. This helps in the development of brain cells and builds brain muscles. From a very famous Japanese theory if you exercise your brain with maths problems daily you develop a healthy brain and this helps in keeping your stress levels and anxiety levels in control.

Realizing the potential and capabilities of my daughter I knew she needed extra support and guidance in her learning. For a long time, I have been looking for some good options to boost her mathematical skills. After speaking with many teachers, fellow parents, and tuition teachers I was clear on my expectation from the classes where I can enroll my daughter for mathematics.
Here is the list of things I was looking for in classes.

1. Individual attention:

As a parent, I would want my child to get individual attention for my daughter to understand the concepts better and have good learning.

2. Parents query resolution:

Availability of teachers to discuss subject related queries faced by children while studying at home. The involvement of parents in these classes also helps in them being abreast of kids' overall development.

3. Base concepts learning:

The base of Mathematics is very important for me. I wanted someone who can help develop my child's base first before serving complex problems on her plate.

4. Activity-based learning:

Activity-based learning is very important in today's world. This helps the child to correlate learning with the life we live in. And when you learn something through games, activities, and life examples it has a lasting impact on the mind.

5. Feedback oriented platform:

I am a person who always believes in sharing feedback regarding services. I think education platforms as well are one such service that requires a lot of evolution and this will happen only with feedback we share.

So, after my research, I found one of the best Maths learning platforms for my child - Cuemath.Cuemath is one of the top leading Maths visual tools to gain a deep understanding of reasoning-based concepts. I can easily relate to the mission of Cuemath of developing and raising creative thinkers using mathematical skills. It has two ways to operate and provide world-class learning offline via more than 5000 offline centers Pan India and online where a child can learn at his comfort.
World-class faculty to provide the best exposure to a child and IITians as a coach, where real-life experience meets academics to give the students a perfect blend of practicality & textbook syllabus.

Reboot your child’s learning experience, go online.

To be doubly sure about the classes I check with parents on their feedback and reviews about the classes conducted by Cuemath and that's how I found genuine reviews and I made up my mind to enroll our daughter to the Cuemath program. One of the other reasons to go ahead with the math classes was the fear that if the concepts of math are not cleared at an early age it becomes difficult for them to cope up with the mathematics formulae and funda at later stages of life. Thus, it's better to enroll for Cuemath classes and parents can check the improvement themselves.
Currently, 80 % of institutions are providing online learning to kids of all age groups.

This unusual situation caused by the pandemic will not get reversed so soon. It will take time to adapt to the new normal and the education institutions have experimented with the online platform and are gaining a lot of success. It is good to trust a platform that has mastered the subject and has a proven track record.

Give a try to their demo class and see if your child also enjoying the way Cuemath teaches. Click here

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