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Colgate: The Best Just Got Better !

By Themommytale

Like every mother, I too, wish to do the best for my family. I strive for their health and happiness everyday. So, I make sure they get the right nutrition and keep their hygiene in check. During their formative years, a closer attention to their well- being will help them grow into strong, healthy and confident adults.

Colgate: The Best Just Got Better !

I take up every opportunity to make sure my children are taken care of well, which is why I dropped by the dental camp organised by Colgate with my kids. After a free dental check-up, the dentist told us of some shocking research findings: 1 in 4 kids in Delhi have cavities- and to top this, most parents are unaware of their kids' dental issues! This truly was upsetting to know.

Colgate: The Best Just Got Better !

Fortunately, my daughter had no issues with her teeth and we were pleased by this. However, the doctor advised us to brush twice a day, floss frequently and maintain a healthy, calcium-rich diet.

I also received 5 Colgate dental cards, which I shared with my friends and family. This got them free dental check-ups. Shockingly, 2 out of the 5 of them learnt that their kids had dental issues. Thankfully, they are also armed with the right information on how to go about their kids' ailments.

After this dental camp visit, I received an amazing hamper from Colgate. The hamper is thoughtfully curated with all items that are rich in calcium, such as muesli, walnuts, dates, almond, oranges, broccoli, cheese and more, but the best of all, the all-new, Colgate Strong Teeth.

A video was also shared with me, that brought to light in an interesting way, Colgate strong teeth with Amino Shakti gives 4X Strengthening Power which helps add natural calcium to teeth through remineralization process and strengthens them from within

This was a wonderful initiative by Colgate to bring about awareness about dental health, and how a balanced diet and regular visits to the dentist, help achieve the peaks of it.

I am glad the new Colgate Strong Teeth has got my family covered. Thanks to Colgate for always being there with us, as our dental saviour!

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