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Tips for Creating an Entryway (without an Entryway!)

By Nookandsea @KristinaMGulino

tips for creating an entryway (without an entryway!)

Hello Everyone! Jessica here. Let me first say how excited I am to be a monthly contributor here on Kristina’s blog! I hope you all gain some creative design insight along with inspiration to tackle your own projects at home.

So, let’s get on with the fun stuff. If you are like me, your entry is pretty much nonexistent. Well, I have good news, and can let you in on a few secrets for how to create that welcoming foyer without having an actual entryway! Here are a few of my tricks:


In my apartment, you walk straight into the living room when you open the front door. I came up with the idea of mounting shelves on the wall and placing a side table below it, since we do not have the floor space for a larger piece; however, if you DO have the space for a console, I would highly recommend it! Especially one with drawers (like the rustic one above) so you have a place to hide your keys and mail. Also, a mirror is a staple piece for any entry way – it’s great for checking your outfit and hair on the way out the door, and it makes the space feel larger. My entry has a 3 x 5 rug, but if you have a narrow and long space, I would use a runner. The one above is 2.5′ x 9′, but they make them in various sizes so you can customize it to fit your space!

tips for creating an entryway (without an entryway!)

tips for creating an entryway (without an entryway!)

These photos above are perfect examples of using these concepts in a very small area, and both are quite welcoming! So make it your own and have fun with it!

What does your entry look like?

shelves / mirror / runner / side table / console

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