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TIP: Easy Way To Remove Glitter Nail Polish

By Laineylulu @LaineyLuLuLife
I've recently developed an unhealthy obsession with nail polish, especially glitter top coat - but isn't it almost impossible to remove in the conventional manner?? So I'm so pleased I stumbled on this quick and effective trick using tin foil!
This is how I do it:
TIP: Easy Way To Remove Glitter Nail PolishI snip some cotton wool pads up into slices, think pizza!, and pop them in a small ramekin. I then pour some nail varnish remover into the cap of the bottle, to stop over pour, and pour the remover over the cotton pad slices until soaked.
Then I take a strip of tin foil, this one salvaged from my recycling and cut this into chunks big enough wrap around my fingers. 
Then just apply the slices, I like to put the curved end against my cuticle, and cover each pad with a piece of tin foil.
Don't do this over your finest furniture as the soaked pads may drip!! It's also easier to do one hand at a time.

TIP: Easy Way To Remove Glitter Nail Polish

GRR! Lainey decided the jade green/pink glitter combo was not the best idea!

Then simply wait for a couple of minutes, remove the foil, press down on the pad and wipe.  You can turn the pad over and swipe again to remove everything. 

Ta Da!

I hope this was helpful - do you have any tips? Laters Peeps! Lainey xxx

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