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NOTD Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique - Joanna

By Laineylulu @LaineyLuLuLife
NOTD Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique - Joanna
I've been wanting to try Andrea Fulerton Nail Colour for a while and have even added her Nail Trio  Petrol in Water to my Superdrug basket on several occasions but have yet to send my order - Yup, I'm a compulsive cyber window shopper!  So I was delighted to find this Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique in Joanna nestled in my latest Carmine box. It's not a color I would have usually chosen as it's a really bright fuchsia colour with subtle sparkles. Think Barbie!
The polish was named after actress Joanna Page of Gavin and Stacey fame and you can read a blog post  about this by Andrea Fulerton herself here.
NOTD Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique - JoannaThe product claims to be 'durable and long lasting, allowing nails to flex without chipping.  Resin system gives ease of application.  Apply in one or two coats.'
I must say I was pretty impressed! It was a dream to apply and highly pigmented too. Although, me being me, I still went for two coats.  Here's a close up, pretty huh?
NOTD Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique - Joanna
As you know I really 'combat' test nail polish with copious amounts of washing up by hand with no rubber gloves, I know I know I should buy some,  and I was really  impressed by the durability. I'll definitely be buying more from this range so thank you Carmine for introducing me!
If you want to try this yourself it's available from Superdrug for £4.99 here  with free delivery on all orders until Monday 12th March.  Maybe it's time I actually placed that order in my basket!
Laters Peeps!
Love Lainey  xxxx

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