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Time Saving - Hair Washing and Styling

By Lollicious @lollicious
Time Saving - Hair washing and styling
Time Saving - Hair washing and styling
Time Saving - Hair washing and styling
If your anything like me (and most of the female population) you like to have clean, pretty styled hair most;y everyday.. Now I have a mini me my hair styling needs to be quick, efficient and effective..
My top tips for gorgeous time when your time poor
* Invest in a good dry shampoo, and use it...
Apply to the part line before you go to bed, brush it through in the morning and wah lah fresh hair for another day
*Create a hair washing schedule, I know it sounds silly (and crazy lady anal) but knowing what day you wash your hair and scheduling it in means you will do it and you will be know when you have events/dates when you need snazzy hair and what condition your hair will be in! Trust me its a good thing..
*Find a wonderful hairdresser and build a relationship that will last. A good hair dresser can create a hairstyle that will suit your lifestyle. Having a cut and color that fits in with your life and budget is a very valuable thing, a good cut with manageable styling requirements means you will always have time to style your hair.
*Use the best quality products you can afford, a good shampoo and conditioner, a good treatment applied weekly and the best styling tools you can afford. This will keep your hair in good condition, and hair in a better condition is easier to style and maintain.
What are your time saving hair tips? x

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