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Thyroid Health Program: Part 1

Posted on the 19 June 2011 by Jamie Koonce @charcuterielove

Thyroid Health Program: Part 1
Physiology & Pathology of the Thyroid Gland

Your thyroid gland is located at the seat of the throat chakra, as described in Ayurvedic Science, and is associated with Kidney Yang in Chinese Medicine.  Physiologically, your thyroid gland affects energy production in every cell of your body.  Overactivity as well as underactivity of the thyroid gland can contribute to fatigue, insomnia, and a variety of metabolic problems that cause an array of symptoms.  Emotionally, an underfunctioning thyroid gland can contribute to depression, apathy, and dull emotions; an overfunctioning thyroid gland can contribute to mania, impulsiveness, and nervousness.  Psychospiritually, the thyroid gland is associated with personal power, your unique voice and ability to express yourself, and will to achieve or fulfill your goals.  In order to heal your thyroid gland on a physical, emotional, and/or psychospiritual level, it is important to understand how the thyroid gland works, the nutrition it requires to stay well, the chemicals in our environment that can disrupt thyroid function, and how to pinpoint the cause of an overfunctioning or underfunctioning thyroid.

In part 1 of the Thyroid Health Program, you will learn about the following topics:
Signs and Symptoms of Hyperthyroid and Hypothyroid
Manifestations of Hyperthyroidism
Manifestations of Hypothyroidism
Posterior Approach of Thyroid Palpation
Physiologic Effects of Thyroid Hormones
Thyroid Hormones
Synthesis and Secretion of Thyroid Hormones
The Sodium-Iodide Symporter
Chemistry of Thyroid Hormones
Reverse T3
Transport of Thyroid Hormones
Thyroid-Binding Globulin
Interfering Factors of Thyroid-Binding Globulin (TBG)
Effect of Thyroid Hormone
Thyroid Hormone Receptors and Nuclear Transcription
Control of Thyroid Hormone Synthesis and Secretion
Feedback effect of Thyroid Hormone
HPA – HPT Axes
Peripheral Conversion of T4 to T3
Selenium & The Thyroid Gland
Clinical Association of Selenium
Selenium toxicity (Selenosis)
Assessment of Selenium Status
Selenium – reference ranges
Selenium Repletion

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