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Thursday Things

By Alyssa_dld @alyssa_dld
1.  Gah! I still don't have internet at home.  I am pretty sure my modem is to blame but I keep forgetting  am too exhausted at the end of the night to remember to get it ready to send in and fixed.  I am all caught up on episodes of Chicago Fire and Hart of Dixie though.
2.  I always knew my friend Laura had my back, but I guess she has my front too.  She ripped this ad out from a magazine just for me.
Thursday Things
You probably can't read that so here is what is says
Most bras only support the downward motion of breasts, uncomfortably compressing them into an unsightly "mono boob." This bra, however, features CW-X's patented 5-Point Support Web(tm) in each cup for 360 degrees of variable motion support, because when you run your breasts move in many different directions.Translation: Running is no longer off limits to big-breasted runners. 
If this isn't true friendship, I don't know what is.
3. A few weekends ago, I met Kelly for a run at Busse Woods. She just so happened to have won tickets to the Chicago Wine Riot and offered me one.  I'm not one to turn down wine so I took her up on this offer.  I had an absolute blast. 
Thursday Things
4.  However, it turns out there is a reason I don't normally drink and then ride the train back to the suburbs. I decided it would be a great idea to take a nap on the train.  You might already see where this is going.   I woke up right as we were leaving the Arlington Heights station.  Oh crap!  It must have been my lucky day because when I got off at the next station, Arlington Park, the next inbound train was only 5 minutes away.  Score! I figured I would just need to walk back to downtown Arlington Heights which is about a 1.5 mile trip. 
5.  Last Friday, my grandpa celebrated his 93rd birthday.  I feel incredibly blessed to still have him in my life.
6.  Matt and I went to a concert in Iowa City last weekend with some of his college friends.  This was our second time seeing Casey Donahew Band and I thought this time was just as good as the first.  But we missed getting our picture taken with Casey this time and I am very disappointed.  Hanging out with Matt's friends was a blast like always though. 
7.  Speaking of Matt, he is growing a "planting 'stache'".  You don't know what that is? Don't worry, I am confused too.  He claims he is not shaving his mustache until all of his work's planting is done.  I am praying for nice, cooperating weather.  Because have you ever tried to kiss someone with a 'stache? It's really gross.  And it looks really creepy.
Thursday Things
8.  I finally used up my Starbucks free birthday drink offer on the last day before it expired.  When I get something for free, I have to get the largest size.  Hence this huge frappuchino.
Thursday Things
9.  My coworkers and I have been eating lunch outside since the weather has been so beautiful.  The lilacs and other mystery flowers smelled so good that I picked some for my desk yesterday.  Unfortunately, they were already very droopy by this morning.
Thursday Things
After I took this picture, I realized how messy my desk was and cleaned it.
10.  I was home last weekend to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom (and for other reasons mentioned above).  Instead of hanging out with me, my parent's had to drive to Ames to move my brother out of his apartment for the summer.  How rude!
Matt and I did spend Saturday night with them at a trivia night.  Surprisingly, Matt and I were both fairly knowledgeable about random facts especially in the categories famous Iowans, Name that Vegetarian, and Bill Nye the Science Guy (general science questions).  I don't know anything about labor history laws though and neither did anyone else in our group. 

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