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Throwback Thursday: April

By Katherine @pbrunnerblog
Throwback Thursday: April
There's the slight possibility that you've been so busy with polishing off your Easter candy and making my homemade granola bars, that you may not have stumbled upon my website lately. Blog archives can be so difficult, so why not do the mother of all Throwback Thursdays? Did you miss some posts in April? No worries! Here's a month in review that will help you catch up on everything the Peanut Butter Runner is baking, seeing, and doing. It's the ultimate Throwback Thursday!
Throwback Thursday: AprilHomemade Honey Roasted Peanut Butter
Throwback Thursday: AprilThe Flea Market
Throwback Thursday: AprilBaked Tomatoes with Quinoa, Corn, and Chiles
Throwback Thursday: April10 Minute Garlic Bread
Throwback Thursday: AprilChocolate Chip Cookies
Throwback Thursday: AprilPeanut Butter Banana Breakfast Smoothie
Throwback Thursday: AprilJuicy Chicken with Roasted Spaghetti Squash
FashionMint To BeMint To Be Spring Fashion
Mother's Day Ideas MondayMother's Day Gift Ideas
Throwback Thursday: AprilTexas College Tour Part 2: Baylor
Throwback Thursday: AprilWhat I'm Pinning Wednesday
Throwback Thursday: AprilTexas College Tour Part 1: College Station
Throwback Thursday: AprilGeorge Bush Library
Wanderlust Bucket List
Throwback Thursday: AprilWhole Foods
Whew! That was a lot! What in the world will May bring? I'm guessing a LOT of food and recipes if this review says anything about me and how I like to blog! Woops! Happy Thursday Peanut Butter Runners!

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