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Three Things to Always Teach Your Client-Facing Employees

Posted on the 07 November 2012 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

Melisa Cammack loves freelance writing about small business, especially since she co-owns a small dog grooming business with her husband in central Seattle. Through Mindshare Technologies web tools, she recently conducted her own Mindshare customer satisfaction survey, and feels as though it has increased her human and canine client satisfaction. Three Things to Always Teach Your Client-Facing Employees

The employees in your business that work on a daily basis with your Clients are an essential life line towards a successful business relationship. The Clients will be asking your employees vital questions and relying on these employees to have vital pieces of information. There are three specific areas that you need to make sure your Client facing employees are well trained in so that they can meet the needs of your Clients.

Knowledge of Client Specific Needs

If your Clients have certain business rules in place that they need you to adhere to, make sure your employees are aware of them. When the Clients call in to request some assistance they will be very frustrated if the person they are talking to does not understand their request or what to do with it. It is a good idea to have a document available for your employees that contains any policies or procedures that are unique to a specific client. If these documents can be stored electronically it will be much easier for your employees to access the information that they need.

Create “Subject Matter Experts” And Make Sure All Employees Know Who They Are

Your employees may not be able to remember certain technical policies or procedures that the Clients may ask about. This is why creating a team of “subject matter experts” is essential to business. If your employees know that they can refer a Client to a certain person or group of people for certain responses, it reduces the stress level for the employees and helps the Clients get the service that they need. When you have these SME’s in place, be sure you inform the Clients that you have these special teams in place. When the Clients can go directly to the person that can help them, they will have a better impression of the business relationship that you have.

Knowledge of the Product Lines

Your Client facing employees should have a strong knowledge of the products and services that your company provides. They should be able to answer any questions that may arise about these things. Clients get very frustrated if a representative of the company cannot follow along with the information they are being given because they do not know anything about the subject matter. Teaching your employees the details of every service and product can lead to satisfied Clients which, in turn, will do great things for the success of your business.

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