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Three NFL Teams We Want to See on HBO's Hard Knocks!

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

Three NFL Teams We Want to See on HBO's Hard Knocks!


- Troy Ballard

Who is starting to miss the Rex Ryan's profanity-laced entrances and snide remarks at just about anyone who tries to talk to him?
Not this guy. Well, maybe just a little.
But one thing is for sure -- I am missing HBO's Hard Knocks. Getting the inside scoop on what happens during an NFL training camp is not only excellent television, but also is great for making jokes at the expense of whatever player or coach happens to be embarrassing themselves.
Surprisingly, the show has not found that much success trying to find another suitor outside of New York (the show and Rex are destined to be together), with several NFL teams turning HBO down straight-up.  However, the series has given themselves a priority deadline of June 1 of finding an organization to film Hard Knocks -- meaning that the next team could be chosen at any second.
Here are three teams that the Beard and Stache would love to see on the next season of Hard Knocks!
#3. Dallas Cowboys

Oh, this could be a dream come true.
Imagine Jerry Jones meddling in front of the camera and dominating screen time like some sort of reality show star. It would be beyond comical to see Papa Jerry out on the field in his $60,000 suit yelling commands like a drill sergeant, all the while trying to justify why he is doing Jason Garrett's job for him.
Not to mention, we would all get a good look at Tony Romo's newest wife (he's been married before, right?). Supposedly, she's pretty hot stuff. And if I am not mistaken, Dez Bryant has been known to play the field -- so that could get good really quick.
The truth is, Jones and the Cowboys are built for Hard Knocks.
#2. Cincinnati Bengals

If the series were to go to the Bengals' training camp, there would have to be a stipulation that the show would have to be renamed -- Hard Knocks: A Road to Prison in Cincinnati!

Really, this would be more like watching Cops. Every other day in training camp a platoon of police would arrive to arrest half the team. Forget about Ryan yelling or Jones directing his team from the owner's box -- it would be total mischief and bedlam in Cincy! Everything from drug deals to identity fraud could be chalked up as plausible, and HBO would eat up every second of it.
The Bengals are indeed an upstart team and could surprise again this upcoming season, but judging by the amount of arrests and troubled players the team has gambled on -- expect a totally unpredictable locker room atmosphere.
#1. New Orleans Saints

You knew this was coming.
Imagine this -- a locker room that is without it's head coach, offensive superstar and leader, and the team's most important veteran leader on defense is not only totally MIA for the entire season, but is also in a cage match with the NFL commissioner.
The team has no leadership. None. Zero. Zip.
There will be frequent feuds over who has power, players will start alliances with one another and before HBO even realizes it, the History channel will be swooping in with Gangland. The entire roster will be in complete disarray.
In the situation that Drew Brees does iron out his contract and is present for training camp -- it's still a win-win for Hard Knocks -- the team will be a dictatorship. Whatever Brees says goes, and that's the bottom-line. Breesy wants the thermostat set at 61 in the locker room, so help you God if you even lay a finger on that dial.
HBO is on hands and knees begging New Orleans to allow them to film with the Saints -- we can only hope that Hard Knocks gets in.
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