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Three Films

By Sara Zwicker @SaraZwicker

Well, here we are friends…back to Friday!  It’s time for the 10 Day You Challenge, we are getting down towards the end.  I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have.  Today, we are on three films.  This, like the other days is incredibly challenging, mainly because I love a lot of movies for a lot of different reasons. We watch a lot of movies in our house and Netflix is our BFF.  However, I am not one of those people who will repeatedly watch movies over and over again unless I REALLY love them (I don’t watch re-runs of tv shows I’ve seen either.)  So, for this part of the challenge,  I am going to just tell you three movies that I CAN watch over and over again and never tire of, they all elicit some sort of emotion in me that never goes away each time I watch them, which is why I keep going back for more. 10 day you challenge Three Films    

1. P.S. I Love You

ps i love you movie
I am not an overly emotional person, but I ugly cry through this movie EVERY SINGLE time I watch it.  It is such a beautiful story of love, loss and living.  It doesn’t hurt that I am also a huge fan of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and that he and Robyn look so similar (it’s not just me who says it either.)

2. The Hangover

I remember seeing this movie in the theater the first time with Robyn and some friends and I was laughing so hard I was crying and my stomach hurt. I remember Robyn turning to me at one point and asking if I was okay. We both love this movie and can recite lines from it and it still makes me laugh hard.  I was disappointed in the  follow-up movies in this franchise, they just cannot compare and are not worth watching (in my opinion.)

3. Napoleon Dynamite

nap dynamite
This is another classic in our house that cracks us up.  We have seen it too many times to count.  It’s definitely an “odd comedy” and you have to enjoy the kind of humor to understand it, but both Robyn and I love this movie.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!



Question of the day

What are some of your favorite movies?  Do you tend to like one genre or do you like diversity?

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