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Thoughts on Travelling Via Motorbike

Posted on the 05 December 2016 by Petershaw1984
Thoughts on Travelling via Motorbike

I'm planning on doing a trip somewhere remote and adventurous, travelling via motorbike. I've been pondering it for ages and i'm about 75% of the way to deciding to make a real plan. I'm thinking either Northern India or Mongolia. Taking a leaf out of the Long Way Round/Down's book, it's just something I've always wanted to do and what better way to travel then on the back of a shiny, two wheeled chariot!

I wrote a post a while ago about driving around Scotland in a van . There's a specific line in that post where I bounce the rather romantic notion of driving around with the 'wind in your hair', around. I want to talk more about that, because it's a feeling I do truly, and wholeheartedly enjoy on some primitive, animalistic level. - There's just something intoxicating about speed and the feeling of the atmosphere flashing past your face at such a pace that it pushes your hair back and makes your cheeks ripple and flap like you the star of one of those overpriced skydiving videos.

But we can go one better then a van (several better in fact), motorbikes.. What kind of self respecting, road going savage doesn't like motorbikes? I've ridden a bike for about 10 years now and I'd compare a good bike to something like an orgasm with wheels. It the only spot outside of a fist fight where you get to feel like Mad Max, James Bond and the Terminator all rolled into one.

Travelling via motorbike is (and for good reason) a favourite among adventure travellers (despite being a distinct non-favourite among travel ), and for good reason: fast, convenient and fun as hell. The point is, I can't think of a better way to travel than on the back of a motorbike and it's something i've always wanted to do.

Still the Insurance companies aren't raining on everyone's parade without good reason, a downside to travelling via motorbike (that our mother's i'm sure, will continue to remind us of) is the fact that bikes can be dangerous. Given you're literally straddling a motor with wheels, it's not really any wonder things can get a little hairy sometimes, especially among inexperienced riders. So my advice, keep your mother happy and gear up with the best boots for motorcycle riding , a and a motorcycle helmet . Mother knows best after all, better safe than sorry.

As for the bike itself. I've always wanted to get my greasy hands on a British Royal Enfield from India. While I was in India earlier this year, I did some digging and found I could grab one of these drool inducing classics (through some local contacts I have) for only a couple of thousand dollars. That's a bargain!

While i'm still working my way through the ideas on the journey, here are three really good recommendations for anyone looking to do a bike adventure themselves. All I hope to get to one day.

Christchurch to the Coast

Head down to my neck of the world and the open roads of New Zealand. More amazing landscape, mountains and fjords then you can poke a Hobbit at. Start in Christchurch and zoom all the way to Queenstown before shooting to the West Coast and the coastal highways.

Patagonia Tour

Viva Revolution! Tread (get it.. get it..) in the tracks of Che Guevara's famous motorcycle tour through South America. Starting in Chile before touring the Andes as you bounce between Argentina and Chile while you absorb the untamed and reckless beauty of Patagonia's snow topped volcanoes, mountains and Glaciers.

Lysebotn Road

I'm sensing a theme here.. If you're not sick of mountains yet, try one of Europe's best rides, which is in Southern Norway. The Lysebotn road is more twisted than a Rob zombie movie, including 30 hairpin bends and more switchbacks then the 2016 US election! Get amongst it!

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