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Thoughts on PSU's NCAA Sanctions From a Former Penn Stater

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

Thoughts on PSU's NCAA Sanctions From a Former Penn Stater

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- Troy Ballard
We usually don't write about college football on this site. In fact, outside of a few posts on Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III and other Penn State related content — we don't cover it at all.
The odd thing is, one of the writers, yours truly, is a former Penn Stater. A student for a one whole year, before I realized Penn State wasn't for me.
I made the choice to transfer long before the actions of Jerry Sandusky were released. Long before Joe Paterno was fired. Even before the school was ripped at the seams and flipped upside down.
But, despite having little to no Penn State pride, the events that have unfolded over the past few months have struck a chord with me. Not because I love PSU and bleed blue and white. And certainly not because I feel badly for Paterno or the football program.
It struck a chord because of the gravity of this.
There's no other way to put it. It's that simple. I have no desire to debate about the technicalities of the sanctions, or discuss what should or could still happen with the NCAA. The reality of the situation is that Penn State was given that punishment, and that's it.
No what if's.
That's it.
What's alarming is that all I hear from old friends, colleagues and other writers is how PSU's football program is finished. The sanctions might as well have been the infamous death penalty, because Penn State is done.
It will take a minimum of 15-years to get this team back on track, possibly more. Bill O'Brien would be smart to pay the buy-out and get out of possibly the worst situation in college football, regardless of his recent commitment to the school.
PSU football will never be the same.
That is just so Penn State. So. Penn. State.
Did we forget why PSU has these sanctions? Did Sandusky's actions and Paterno's lack thereof fizzle into thin air with the concept that Penn State football will never be the same? Is the idea of the football team tanking the next 10-years worse than what happened to the victims of Sandusky?
Evidently so.
Because people don't get it. What happend to those innocent kids if far overshadowed by a football team that runs a university. The same football program that forced multiple powerful people (including the always-godly Paterno), to lie.
Lie to cover for a sexual predator.. all in the glorious name of Penn State football.
And here we are, stuck watching as Penn State football is dismantled. Still, the only thing people care about is the team. Not the victims. Not what could have been prevented. But what it's going to be like watching PSU lose — year after year.
I tried to defend my former school. I now see that's impossible. There's nothing to defend. Because although Penn State's brass will play it like the victims are the top priority, the entire school is so enveloped in the exact opposite priority.
There's no excuses in University Park, for what happened before, or what is happening now.
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