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This is Looking Pretty Bad of Course. Looks Like There Mi...

Posted on the 22 May 2014 by Calvinthedog

This is looking pretty bad of course. Looks like there might be a major offensive on a few towns in the Eastern area coming very soon.

The truth is that the Ukrainian army doesn’t even want to fight. So they had to round up the National Guard which is mostly composed of Uniates from Galicia, who make up the bulk of the Maidan activists, the Ukrainian nationalists and the fascists. There are also Right Sector thugs and the militias of various oligarchs, which are also made up of thugs. The problem with the thugs is that they are probably not very good soldiers. Only the thugs and the militias are being supplied by the junta because those are the only forces that are reliable.

The Ukrainian army troops are not being resupplied. The regularly complain that they are out of food. They beg food from civilians in the Eastern areas and the civilians regularly come out to supply them with food. How pitiful is that!

The US aid a huge supply of MRE’s to the regime to feed their troop but these wonderful freedom fighters who overthrew a regime accused of corruption sold every one of the MRE’s on the Internet and pocketed the money. The “corruption” cry never made sense because the people who replaced the overthrown government were just as corrupt as he was – in fact, they were even worse.

This horrible Yulia Timoshenko woman, darling of the US, is a wonderful democratic freedom fighter only if you think Eva Peron was the same. She is an oligarch, a serious criminal, and she owns a vast mansion on a huge estate just like all the oligarchs do. She kills people, that is, she has people killed. She has had at least one man killed, and in looks like she actually has had several people killed. This is America’s heroine!

GRAD’s are Russian missile launchers, a pretty nasty weapon, like a super mortar. I do not know what an OTR-21 missile is but it sounds pretty nasty. The guidance systems for these things have always been run out of Russia and if so, this weapon is not going to be of much use to the Ukies because the Russians will just mess with it so the missiles don’t work. Perhaps they have a Western guidance system now. If this attack goes down as they say it will, it will be quite nasty. I have heard of Slaviansk and Kramatorsk a lot but I have never heard of Krasnyi Liman. Slaviansk and Kramatorsk are close to each other and Krasnyi Liman may well be in the same area.

There have been quite a few casualties in the East, completely unreported by the Western media. The accuracy of these reports is not known, but we have gotten reports from civilians out of the East that there have been many casualties of citizens and fighters in the East, possibly in the hundreds. The source was complaining the the Ukies were not letting them bury their dead.

Ukraine mini-SITREP May 22th, 00:14 UTC/Zulu: “Ukie attack appears imminent” (UPDATED!)

I am getting a lot of emails warning me that a massive assault seems imminent in the Slaviansk – Kramatorsk – Krasnyi Liman area. The local commander, Strelkov, has posted a warning about this and RT is also echoing the same concern. I am also getting warnings from contacts in the Ukraine. The Ukies are not too keen in fighting at night so I expect that attack to begin tomorrow morning, in roughly five hours.

If this attack beings, let’s all try to gather information about what is happening. I will try to keep you posted and please feel free to post any information you come across.

In particular, since I do not fellow social media networks (FB, Twitter, etc.) at all, I would ask those of you who do to keep us informed if you see something interesting.

Many thanks and kind regards,

The Saker

UPDATE: just got this from a contact:

Grads are on the move as of 3 hours ago, confirmed, destination unknown. Ukes are shooting off and on at civilian targets as of an hour ago, confirmed, suburbs of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, casualties if any unknown. Unconfirmed reports say a bridge in or near Lugansk city has been dropped on a major road to the city, waiting more info on that report. Reliable source says OTR-21 missiles are also on the move, destination unknown, direction unknown. I do not know if the navigation systems for these devices have been changed to west system or if they are still tied to the system in Russia. Scattered fighting around Slavyansk area at this time, confirmed.

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