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This Is.....

By Rubytuesday

This is.....
This is me A 34 year old womanI am Irish I am a daughterA sister An auntieA doggy mamaA friend An employeeA horse rider 
This is me I struggle with mental health issues Including addictionDepressionAnxiety And eating disordersI now consider myself to be in recovery I am in recovery It's a journey Not a destination
This is me I am a good person Yes I have done bad things in my life But inherently I am a good person And I do my best every day To not hurt myself or anyone else 
This is me I may be 34 But inside I still feel 16 years old I still have a lot to learn about life It's all a learning experience 
This is me After years of illness I am now working And have been working for the past two months I can feel my confidence growing every day I feel valued and appreciated Work has been aide line 
This is me I have a little crush on someone It makes for some very interesting day dreaming ahem..I don't know if I am imagining itBut I think he might like me tooAt least I hope he does 
This is me I've made my fair share of mistakes through out my life But I am trying to fit all the pieces of my life back together I'm not perfect But I'm trying to be the best person I can be 
This is me I'm not beautiful I'll never be a stunner But I work with what I've got And make the best of it 
This is me I'm overly sensitive I bruise easily I think too much And am pretty quiet But get to know me And you will see I am truly a nerd with a very sarcastic sense of humour 
This is me I don't expect everyone to like me Or agree with me And that's ok We won't fall out over it We will agree to disagree 
This is me Ruby A woman A person A human being A collection of cells Why am I important?I'm not really But I do matter And I deserve a good life 
This is me And I'm doing my best...

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