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Posted on the 12 January 2015 by Calvinthedog

Found on the Internet:

You want the real truth? Ok here it is.

First of, CNN and the NEW YORK TIMES are puppet of the Illuminati and majestic 12. Hope everyone knows that. Most of their recordings are “pre-recorded” like the Sandy Hook Massacre and Batman Premier Shooting (oh boy, please tell me y’all didn’t believe that crap).

2nd, the main reason they build these hoaxes is for the “fear”. The more fear the population gets, the better it is. Why? Ok here comes the best part that you might not believe. ALIENS…yup, they are aliens underground using technology built to absorb our fear…the fear is some sort of powerful energy they can capture and use it like a “drug”. The Aliens (reptiles) need that energy just like it was “cocaine”.

Phil Schneider was assassinated because he warned us about them (Google him if you want or search him on Youtube). He was assassinated in 1996 because he knew that everything that is happening in USA and around the world is all for these aliens to capture our fear from WARS and other events that causes fear to the population. Phil Schneider is not the only one who mention this. Bob Dean as well and other folks also did. Just do your own research.

Every government is dealing with a different races of aliens, but the worst are the Reptiles, the Reptoids, and The Faugs (praying mantis insect lookalikes) living underground and above ground, some on the Moon and other planets in our solar system  – they control the Vatican and the US Government. The Illuminati are a group of different factions (including the Rothschilds), but some Rothschilds are at war with each other – some to help us, some to gain power alongside the aliens.

The Shadow Government is bigger then you think…way bigger. What you see on TV is nothing compared to what’s really happening around the world. Why do you think the USA MILITARY is everywhere on the globe? Why are they in Afghanistan and IRAQ? I’ll tell ya, it’s because there are Stargate portals in those countries that US Shadow Government wants to keep in control.

Most of the military soldiers are not aware of it because they do what they are told to do. Most soldiers are being sent to other planets to fight for other alien races without their consent…and once they come back, they are being brainwashed and don’t remember a single thing. Aliens have technology to brainwash you. It is easy for them. That’s why I wouldn’t want to be part of the US military.By the way, be careful.

So yes, everything that his happening right is for the ALIENS (more then 10 different species on earth, underground and aboveground), the STARGATE PORTALS in IRAQ and nearby countries (including Australia, Japan and other countries) – the Stargates are everywhere, and of course, for your “fear”…the more afraid you get, the more drugs the aliens gets….of course I don’t expect you to believe me, but if you make your research, and you ask yourself the right questions, you will understand later on and be like “WTF?”

Ask yourself, why September 11? Why war in IRAQ when they were no weapon of mass destruction? Same thing in Afghanistan? Why Sandy Hoax Massacre and Boston Bombing Hoax? Why, why, why? Easy, “fear” is good for them. BTW, they are good aliens called the RAPTORS look alike the Jurassic Park Raptor. They are other kinds of alien species helping us against the Reptilians who look more like giant freaking lizards. Other good aliens are the Andromeda, the Pleiadians, and in addition, some others alien races are NEUTRAL to human beings.

Guys, everything that his happening is all about the aliens….I can’t wait for these damn reptilians and Reptoids to be blasted out of our planet because they are getting on my nerves big time. Another thing, we as humans have been created by the Andromedas. They look like us and are watching us from above in cloaked motherships. Other alien races are helping us such as the Star Trek Federation. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, I don’t blame you…I didn’t believe in this crap either until I made my own research. One day, y’all gonna see for yourself everything I said was true. Good luck folks.

lol wut.

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