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Things to Remember When It Comes to WordPress

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

Things to Remember When it Comes to WordPress - Imagine my surprise when I went to log in and received a message stating Jetpack blocked my IP address due to Security Issues!

WordPress, Jetpack, Locked Out, Oh My!

Imagine my surprise when I went to log in and received a message stating Jetpack blocked my IP address due to Security Issues!

What the Hell?

Seriously! I was working on my blog, scheduled a post, swapped SEO plugins, optimized and all was going fine. Hell, I even swapped the SEO out on my other website!

When I went to login back into my WP Dashboard, holy hell! BLOCKED! How is this even possible!

Jetpack happens!

I know there are a lot of people who have a love-hate relationship with Jetpack. I used to adore it up until last week.

I noticed that some of the comments on my blog contained Vimeo videos! I instantly thought I had Malware and started searching for codes and viruses.  To my avail, none was found.

I went to the Jetpack Support website and found that there was an error with the shortcode plugin, and we were to disable it until the plugin was updated.

No problem, I thought.

However, I soon started reading about others having the issue, including a good friend of mine, Dana. I explained to her what I found out and how to handle it. Thank goodness for being able to search the internet for answers!

Jetpack issued an update correcting the problem, so I upgraded.

All is well

OR so I thought, until today when the Jetpack warning slapped me in the face!

Of course, there was a link to their site on how to unblock my IP address. The Sad thing was, the IP address they were reporting wasn’t even mine!

How did I get in?

The only way I could manage to get logged back into my WP Dashboard was to go to my host cPanel and delete the Jetpack plugin.

What a Pain in the Asspple!

After removing the affected plugin, I was able to get back into my beloved WP Dashboard and started scanning for viruses, malware, and other naughty bits and pieces.

I found nothing.

Jetpack won’t be returning

Since I’ve had two issues in 2 weeks on two websites, I’ve decided to give my once beloved Jetpack a sabbatical. Now I scramble to find other plugin’s that can give me the same features that I once used with Jetpack. Believe it or not, a lot of their features I really didn’t need.

Shat happens

When the shat hits the fan on your self-hosted WordPress site, how do you handle it? Do you have an instant meltdown? Do you go into an extreme panic mode and contact your host? Or do you calming search for answers across the internet and from your fellow WordPress friends?

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I’d love to hear how YOU handle your issues and how YOU would have handled my issue.

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