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Things That Will Irritate Your Wife

By Pravin Bhakare @pbhakare992

Excess love is dangerous. For the spice of life and to take the revenge in the sweetest way many husbands love to play pranks with their wife’s by irritating them with the things their mood get blown off. This is also a techtic to get closer to your wife by pampering her after irritating with full mood. It gives a change to your silent relationship and a chance to show your romance and love once again. But never ever over dose her else results are unpredictable. Well it becomes unknown fact for some husbands why their wife get irritated soon and sometimes it gets costly by spontaneously reacting on wife’s decision or changing the schedule of outing or sharing her kitchen. Anything any time of husband’s act can irritate wife. But both sometimes agree that whatever happens, they relate each-other with more power of emotions and wife loves that extra pampering.

# Mother Vs Wife

Be it a cooking time or home management issues. If you ever make her aware that your mother cooks much better or manages the home in the way no one can. Be ready to face the blast. If it is not your mood of irritating her, don’t make a comparision of mother Vs wife else the fight begins.

# Wife Vs Other Woman

Stealing a look and admiring other woman in-front of your wife or just suggesting wife that you too can opt a style like that woman. Be ready to see the frown face with no good meal offered that day. Do find some good ways to attract and pamper her.

# Irritating For Sweet Cuddle

If your wife is serial holic or her favorite anchor show is coming, you can irritate her while grabbing the remote before that show and put on some cricket or news channel. This will lead to a sweet fight which can end up with warm cuddles.

# Mess Up Things

In your well arranged home, wife’s irritation start when for one single paper you mess up the whole room and library shelf. Better come back home with some sweets or a  note of sorry, to save yourself from some spiky words or eyes.

# Keep In Order Your Things

Wife gets irritated when you spread your bag, shoes and other stuff after coming back or before going out, the towel on bed, the comb on flour and socks are smelling high. Better find ways to convince your bad habit ways else you’ll be not saved with a kick.

# Pretend You Are Not Listening

This will irritate wife’s most when they wait to share their friends shopping list or wanna gossip with you and at the end of it you declare that the match commentator said very well. Be move down from that place because she will be away for long or else you get fired out.

# Irritate Her With Creepy Arguments

Even if you are agree with what she is telling let your argument extend. If you really want to irritate her don’t say sorry and except anything just continue your creepiness and enjoy the beauty with anger. a platform for ever single to join in for the best partner search, in the best known secured way with all the KYC approved profiles. Get register to get married.



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