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Happy Married Life – By Chance Or By Choice

By Pravin Bhakare @pbhakare992

Ahh how happily married they are, it’s nice to see both of you happily married and enjoying life since years. Nobody can guess, nobody can tell the real definition of a happily married life. It’s a fog for all and for them too. Many happily married couples says it’s by chance while for other sit is by choice they choose each other,no matter it is all about conquering the relationship to walk the milestone of life overcoming conditions, love one another above fights to live a happy married life. Marriage is not alone that seems to build on compromises in fact most of the good relationships happens by chance but to carry on happily it’s by choice. Having a good partner or getting a good family is not the end of happy married life. It is all about the way we handle and carry on relationship in every condition, you must make a good choice of life partner to take a chance to change your life into happy married life. Let’s discuss about the chances and choices you may make in searching a better life partner to leading a happy married life.


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# Peep Into Your Innersole

What kind of person you are, what you want and what you cannot leave in you. Have confidence in yourself so that no one can override your real being and ask you to change in the way you never want to be. If you are certain about yourself you can choose the best of life partner. Go and hold hand to make someone complete without showing your incompleteness, as you find completeness in relationship when you retaliate. You are in need of a life partner not a care taker. Open the unblock areas of mind, calm down and take the decision of choosing a life partner into the most contentment stage of yours. It happens by choice or by chance you have to invest in marriage for happy married life.


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# Choose Each other Day After Day

Marriage starts with a beautiful feeling of love beyond comparable, compromises, happily subsiding one but day after day when you find yourself not of what you actually are or what you actually want, the hangover of beautiful love story starts blurring. Love alone cannot give you happiness it need lots of feelings, emotions in which one demands respect, more of understanding and self-importance these are the crucial factors that each and every one demands to ride a happy married life. It is all about choosing each other day by day to love and to live together beyond the imperfections that can lead you to a happy married life.


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# Decisions And Indecisions

Every decision we take by chance or by choice brings with it good and bad, better and worst, many lessons, many providence and many fortunes.It is all about sticking to the vows and decide to make consistent intentional choices that says yes I choose you and want to stay with you till end whilst the indecisions seems to steal many years of many couples who wind up wishing they had just the courage to leap. A good decision is one that forgives, forget, love, fight and still choose to grow in relationship with eachother.

For a happy married life choose the one by understanding your inner self, you needs and demands not on temporary emotions or myth stage. It should be an unbiased choice with whom you can live day by day.Life is an outcome of choices and chances. Make better choices and choose positivity as the topmost choice of life.No matter how you met or tied up together in a marriage by choice or by chance make better changes to excel your relationship to lead a happy married life. is one single platform that is working on the concept of making happy marriage happen it gives you many choices and chances to register in a better way to find the best life partner. Join now to get married.



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