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7 Signs You Are Having an Emotional Affair

By Pravin Bhakare @pbhakare992

The grass on the other side is not always greener, it can be a desert. The most common threat these days in any relationship is emotional infidelity. As both man and woman are coming out of home and working for better financial stability of their home interactions with opposite sex are twisting into close relationships. Just friends lead the relationship to the extent that is far beyond many’s control and without control your mind and heart couched into an emotional affair which lead to many serious issues in marriage relationship. Though this emotional affair is far beyond physical attraction it is unrecognisable and unthinkable that this is an affair. But when deceptive, secretive nature arrives in relationship and you want to spend more time and look for some better moments in this feeling certainly enhance the chances that this relationship will take a turn where sexual infidelity and marriage problems increases.

Question arises here is whether you really want to skip your mind and heart from emotional affair, for this read out these signs to stay away from such emotional infidelity and face the outer world or society with much higher pride and esteemed marriage relationship.


Emotional Affair 1


# Emotional Cheating

When you want to text and interact with someone else hiding from your partner or you feel uncomfortable in front of your partner to speak out things with this opposite sex friend than this relationship is certainly gonna have emotional affair. Though this feeling doesn’t related much with physical term still it comes under emotional cheating. Walk away from this affair much before this relationship becomes uncontrollable.


Emotional Affair 2


# When You Start Caring about Your Personality,Thinking someone Else

Its natural we overlook our self many times while spending time with spouse, on the other hand when we start gazing our self in more prettiest way and start caring about our personality to look more attractive infront of someone else other than spouse than this trap of emotion is better to think over. Stop this affair and relive the same form of relationship with your spouse.


Emotional Affair 3


# Investing More Of Emotional Energy On Others

Emotional affairs usually start with innocent friendship, spending and enjoying time, helping beyond all this start developing trust all this takes the relationship into more intimate personal affair which grows into a strong emotional bond.Be aware of this bond and tilt you mind and find the positivity more of in your relationship with your spouse.


Emotional Affair 4


# When you find ways to be alone with the person

When you find time is running and you want or wake up every morning to spend most of the time with the person you are getting emotionally attached other than your spouse. Avoid this opportunities to be alone, control your mind and emotions from this external affair and try to invest this time with your spouse.


Emotional Affair 5


# When comparison starts in your mind between spouse and your friend

What lies in our spouse and what lies in our friend is a matter of  what’s new going on within us. So stop getting bored from spouse’s attraction and make your views obvious. Comparisons are ridiculous as it shows what we feel new in emotions towards the person in present. So better read your spouse rather than comparing with plaster emotions of this new affair.


Emotional Affair 6


# Romanticizing with Someone Else

When your heart starts singing and you feel love in the air imagining the person other than your spouse. Give a break to your emotional affair as this will lead to guilt or infidelity with your spouse. With little help from your spouse from where you are to what you want you can save your marital affair.


Emotional Affair 7


# When Your life Elevates to Move On With Someone Else

Emotional affairs usually favors the passion whilst destroying reasons, it can be a mere attraction of what emotions you left behind with your spouse. You start imagining yourself with this person for a better life. But this affair can be worst or better but the best thing is carry on happily with your spouse in your life.

Being in emotional affair is not a sensible choice, it’s just an illogical emotion. Rethink on the relationship you have worked on with your spouse and count the good years. Nothing can control your emotions than yourself, its up to you either destroy or sustain relationship with your spouse. a social platform that introduces you with many features and all KYC approved profiles to search and find the best of monogamy Partner relationship. Find compatibility get registered to get married.



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