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Nose Breathing Tricks That Can Boost Your Brain And Nervous System

By Pravin Bhakare @pbhakare992

Most of us picks up our nose, inspects its contents, cleans out our ears in full sight of everybody but do we know that nose too can do beyond- Yecched out yes it can improve brain function in minutes with some nose breathing tricks. As we know the main functions of our eyes, hands and every body parts but very few knows that nervous system and brain is straight forwardly linked with nose. Since ancient times breathing exercises has been practised by sant’s and its techniques and advantages of breathing through nostril is explained in many ancient books. Unaware of these techniques that can help in improving our brain function and keep our soul and mind in peace, scroll down here for some tips and tricks before get to sleep and improve brain function in minutes with this nose breathing advantages.

(ANB) Alternate Nostril Breathing

This technique is very useful for stress mind persons to de-stress mind and soul. This alternate nostril breathing ritual helps nurturing the complete nervous system. Isn’t it surprising. Yes as its activate our both left and right brain when you inhale through both nostrils alternately.

Technique for Nose Breathing Trick

As we breathe in natural way, we inhale from one hole of nostril generally and out from other. But when we practice doing it same alternately like using thumb to close one nostril and taking deep breathe slowly from other side, halting down in the position for few second than choosing other nostril to close with a finger and releasing the thumb from the first nostril and exhaling through it. You can do this procedure from both right and left nostril. For detail technique do read out or consult any practitioner.

Be cautious if you have sugar, blood pressure or any such, do not practice if you are not sure of its nix nasty tricks.

The All in One Benefits of Nose Breathing Tricks


Boost Complete Brain

The left and right brain is simultaneously receiving the inhale and exhale procedure done by the nostril and this activate the right and left brain more energetically. When brain receives oxygen through both nostrils it helps in improving the alertness, concentration and rejuvenation. So just a few minutes of nose breathing trick can boost up the brain.

Boost up Nervous System

This technique gives your body a positive kick for workout, think out and excel out more energetically. Regulates the complete body nervous system, so you’ll become more active. This breathing leads your system into more relaxation state keeping you away from over thinking and be stressing the body fatigue and enhances the response of nervous system to take quick action. Through its deep breathing technique it soothes the mind, body and soul.

Nose Breathing Technique Is Beneficial In

Oxygenates blood, Energy Booster, Temperature regulate, purify lungs, Helps in calming emotions of mind and thoughts, Revitalized your fatigue feeling. Both nostrils has different qualities like left nostril nurture and calm and right nostril is active and controls so body temperature can be regulated through applying this technique daily. It removes stale air and body waste.

Try out these inhaling tricks and relieve whole day’s stress, negativity. Give two minutes to have a calm, cool and peaceful mind and body.



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