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Things That Make Me Go “WTF?”

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Do you ever have days when stuff happens that you just don’t understand? They’re not necessarily bad or negative things (well, maybe kinda), but that stuff that leaves you scratching your head and screaming inside your brain “WTF??” Yeah, I had some of those today.

  • I visited the loo (I’m very sophisticated saying “loo” – I could have said “crapper”) no less than four times before my run today. Within five minutes of running I had to go again. What the hell?
  • Things That Make Me Go  “WTF?”

  • I picked out some broccoli at the grocery store. While I was putting it in my cart I heard the produce guy say under his breath, “What a slob!” (yes, apparently referring to me). He stomped over the broccoli display and started rearranging the broccoli that I had apparently messed up or misplaced. Wow. I didn’t know the display was a work of art. Kind of made me laugh, actually. At least he takes his job seriously.
  • The car in front of me was weaving all over the place. As I passed, I noticed the guy texting away. When will people learn? Seriously. In my book, texting and driving is on par with drinking and driving (CNBC says so too). And, it’s not just about you – Mr. Texter Man. You might actually hurt someone else.
  • I went to get my hair highlighted today. I am not sure what happened – but after the first round I swear there were hints of orange in my hair. She did it all again and I it now looks great (or at least fine), but the whole thing took FOUR hours. No joke. And I didn’t even get a hair cut. At least I don’t look like Bozo. Do I?


  • My son thinks he has it pretty bad. He would like to “shadow” another family for while to see how they parent their kids. Have fun mi amigo! See if it’s greener over there. He’s probably thinking this:

Things That Make Me Go  “WTF?”

  • I saw something small and black lying on the stairs. After going up and down the stairs forty million times I finally picked it up. Guess what it was? One of Lucky’s toenails. He has been gone now for almost four months. I swear I have no clue where this even came from. Some might think it’s gross (Ken did), but I love having just one more little reminder of him. Call me crazy. Can someone make me a necklace out of it (joke).


What made you go WTF today?

Ever go then have to go again when you start running?

Ever had a disaster hair cut or color?


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