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Things Less Thought!!!

By Sahi
   We see so many people daily but only few people stay in our mind and their actions worth sharing.... This was one such incident that happened with me when i was traveling from Chennai to Rajmundry.
We were 10 of us in the train and the seats were scattered throughout the train so we were wandering here and there in search of our seats and few of us were in search of the TT so that we could all get accommodated at least in the same coupe.
After so much of begging and pleading with the fellow passengers we all got settled not in the same compartment but in two adjacent compartments.
Things less Thought!!!
It was early in the morning with the beautiful sun rise and the lush greeneries of the costal Andra... and the amazing Godavari river flowing with pride. When i was crossing the compartment i happened to hear a person asking his friend not to use the lavatory. Wondering why he was stopping the people from usig the lavatory the fellow passengers were asking if the rest room was not clean and if it should  be brought to the notice of the railway officials..
calmly that man replied.. as the train was passing over the Godavari bridge... and the wastes from the rest room  would directly  fall in the water of the mighty river, which would be a pollution to the water. So he was waiting near the rest room to ask people not to use the urinals till the train crossed the mighty river.
Things less Thought!!!
The thought of this person was worth applauding. There are still people in this country who care about certain things that most of us don’t care or bother to do ,till a fine or a punishment is imposed on us.
So this was definitely a lesson to be learnt and worth sharing with everyone!!!

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