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They’re Making Diet Baby Formula Now

By Danceswithfat @danceswithfat
Tank is concerned

Tank says “What the…” (He’s just a puppy, he doesn’t know the F-word yet.)

Abbott Laboratories, makers of Similac baby formula, recently announced that they are reducing the calories in their commonly used formulas by one calorie per ounce.  The reason they are doing it shows us just how out of control, and how far away from any concept of science, the obesity epipanic has become.

Similac claims that the new formulation will make formula more like breast milk, based on the idea that breastmilk has a protective effect against lifelong “obesity.”

There is tons of controversy around the idea that breastmilk has an effect on longterm body size, but even if you believe that it does, the idea that the thing that makes the difference is one calorie per ounce is a large leap over a deep chasm.  In fact, research suggests that, much like everyone who ate Snackwell’s cookies in the 90′s, babies just eat more formula when there are less calories in it.  This is significant for families on a budget -  unless Abbott Labs is going to reduce the cost along with the calories, buying enough diet formula to make up for the extra calories could cost families around $150 a year.  So maybe this is just a profit driver for Abbot labs and they actually aren’t a “lab” full of idiots who don’t know the first adage of research – correlation never ever implies causation.

A lot of the interventions experiments being tried on babies and children are based on simple observational correlation by people who don’t seem to have done even a basic literature review.  People say “babies who are breastfed are less likely to be “obese”  or “babies who gain less weight at certain times tend to weight less as adults.” so people go about creating interventions based on that information.

This is deeply problematic – correlation means that two things happen at the same time enough of the time to be statistically interesting, but we still don’t know the nature of their relationship – does A cause B?  Does B cause A?  Does C cause A and B?  Is it all just a coincidence?  If you don’t know causation then creating interventions can be tricky.

Here’s a made up example:  Often in August in the United States the rates of ice cream eaten and the rates of murder both go up.  So ice cream eating and murder are correlated.  So I, Polly Public Health Person, decide it’s obvious that ice cream eating leads to murder, and so I cry and wail and wring my hands and shout “won’t somebody think of the children” until I convince stores to pull ice cream off the shelves.  I am triumphant, for behold I have created an intervention! And yet my joy is less than full, because the rate of murders skyrockets.  What the hell?  It turns out that the problem is actually heat – when the heat increases people get irritable and they either eat some ice cream or they commit murder.  By removing ice cream from the shelves, I created a situation in which people who would have eaten ice cream didn’t have access to it, so they ran around murdering people. Oops, sorry y’all, that’s my bad.  Sincerely, Polly

That’s why having understanding of causation, which we can perhaps achieve through research, is important before we go and implement interventions like turning that Mommy and Me class into a Baby Weight Watchers Meeting. In a real life example that I first heard about in my first research class, thousands of kids died early deaths from cancer because of interventions based on correlation, this is serious stuff.

Also, it’s possible that the correlations are coincidences, here are some examples from Tyler Vigen’s great piece “Spurious Correlations”

They’re Making Diet Baby Formula Now

They’re Making Diet Baby Formula Now

I was recently part of a panel discussion about childhood “obesity” at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  The other people on the panel were all involved in interventions for childhood obesity and I made the point that they didn’t have any research to back up those recommendations.  One of the panelists, a pediatrician who now specializes in research, said “Well it’s not like you can try to make kids fat, that’s unethical”  but we’re absolutely fine with trying to make them thin and see no ethical issues there.

One of my statistics teachers used to tell us that for every correlation you find, there is a causal explanation that makes total sense, and is totally wrong.  I’ll bet she’ll be explaining this to classes someday using this baby formula example.

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