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They Need to Change the Name

By Brisdon @shutuprun

What a day it was yesterday. I distracted myself from the fact I was not running (trying to be a SASA and take a few days off to let my hamstring settle the freak down) and took Sam to the DMV to get his driver’s permit. How I ever became someone old enough to have a son who is driving I’ll never know. I mean, I still feel like I’m in the fifth grade and apparently I act like it too (yes, farting is an extra curricular activity).

We drove to a town 30 minutes away (Loveland, CO) because we heard lines would be shorter.


WTF Loveland?

We were there not quite two hours. Being in the DMV can be depressing and lame, but if you are texting each other across the room and enjoying a good TWSS moment (when the finger print lady said “Just rub it real hard with your finger”), then it is not too bad.


What did we do without cell phones? Probably read literature and wrote love letters and were one step closer to discovering the key to world peace. Oh well.

Sam left with permit in hand and I told him “no” he could not drive home because I am mean and a control freak.

We are running a family Turkey Trot 10K on Saturday. I actually won a free entry to the race (thanks Live Well Longmont!), which is great because I am very cheap and like free things. It is supposed to be colder than a witch’s right breast. The temperature will be –29 degrees (okay, 30 degrees) and there will be blizzard conditions (well, possibly light snow). I’m going to have to read my own tips for how to shut up and run in the cold. This will mean sleeping in my running clothes and putting a sassy sticky note on my alarm clock:


I just heard that for Black Friday sales, Wal-Mart is opening at 8:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving night. Seriously? Why don't we just change the name to Black Thursday Night or Black Thanksgiving Right After Dinner? I just hope if I go, I don’t see (or smell) this:

They Need to Change the Name

Are you running a Turkey Trot this month? Can you believe this is my first Turkey Trot ever? Hope I don’t get the trots.

Do you shop on Black Friday? No. I think I did once, but honestly the crowds, getting beat up over an Elmo doll and getting up early just isn't my style. I’d rather pay a bit more money and shop under better conditions.

At what age did you get your learner’s permit and license? I didn’t get my license until I was 17 because when I was 16 we didn’t even live in the US. Seems I am late on everything (hello – no period until I was 16!!)

Now go get yourself a cool ring or two. The are selling like hotcakes, so don’t delay.


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