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These Days…

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I’ll tell you some stuff I’ve been up to “these days.” This may or many not turn into some kind of a confession post.  Stay tuned.

These days…I’ve been doing no core or upper body work. The one and only thing I’ve been doing is running. I think in the world of running that is illegal because you are supposed to cross train and strength train. Ooops, so put handcuffs on me. Today I promise I will do this ↓↓↓ 4x per week. It is basic and boring, but it is something. And I truly believe it will make me look like the girl in the blue sports bra.


These days… I have been loving Cherry Cola Honey Stinger Chews on my runs. Did you ever have those coke bottle gummies? Well, these are those on steroids. Caffeine. Vitamin C. Carbs. Organic everything.


These days… I’ve been thinking about an article that came out in the Wall Street Journal. I learned that Clif Bar is coming out with savory flavored gels. As in – pizza and sweet potato fries. I love pizza and fries and often eat them together, but I most certainly do not want them blended into a gel the consistency of tooth paste. 

These days… I am trying to get my 2015 race/adventure calendar in order. The one and only race I am signed up for is the Canyonlands Half Marathon in Moab on March 21 with my Fast Forward training group.

Ken and I are kicking around the idea of doing Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon for our 20 year anniversary. Nothing says “man and wife running geeks” more than forgoing a trip to Mexico for a 22 mile trail run where you will climb thousands of feet and argue and poop in the woods. Honestly, it looks like a piece of cake (sarcasm)

These Days…

These days… I am listening to the Serial podcast in my car every chance I get. Don’t tell me what happens.

These days…I am bored with winter. I am bored with myself.

These days…I wash my hair every three to four days.

These days…I think it’s funny my 13 year old daughter sleeps in her clothes so she doesn’t have to get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning. Not that different than when I sleep in my running clothes so I don’t have to get up 10 minute earlier.

These days…I don’t like how my jeans fit. The closer I get to 50 (gulp) the more my body shifts and not in a good way. Mammogram on Wednesday! Can’t wait to have boob pancakes for breakfast.


What are your thoughts on pizza/sweet potato/burger gels?

Do you run with your spouse? Would you consider a running vacation with him/her?

Fill in the blank. These days I’ve ________________.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your body since you’ve gotten older? I’ve got flat butt syndrome.



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